Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 12/15/2013 *Starred Review* Brimsby sits in his little cottage making hats while sharing tea and conversation with a good friend, until the fellow moves away. Now working in silence each day, Brimsby realizes that he’s lonely. He walks for miles through the falling snow until he finds a tree with seven little birds. Busy shoveling out their nests and keeping the fires lit in their tiny stoves, they’re too busy to hear his “Hello.” Brimsby goes back home, works all night, and returns with seven of his hats, which he has cleverly modified to include doors and heating vents. Placing one on each nest, he converses with the grateful birds, who become his friends. In his first picture book, Prahin offers a gentle story with amiable characters, real problems, and satisfying solutions. The digital artwork reflects the tone of the precisely worded text as well as its understated wit and verve. With clean, spare lines in the outdoor scenes, intriguing details in the interiors, and unusual color combinations throughout the book, the illustrations create a distinctive world for the characters to inhabit. Fine for reading aloud, this quiet charmer of a picture book is an inspiration for creativity, problem solving, and making friends. - Copyright 2013 Booklist.

Bulletin for the Center... - 01/01/2014 Brimsby, a squat, furry little creature, is an accomplished milliner who loves to chat with his best friend, a badger, over a cup of tea. When his friend goes off to realize his dream of becoming a sea captain, Brimsby is lonesome. He tries to start a conversation with some birds in a nearby tree, but they are too busy shoveling snow out of their nests and trying to keep the fires alight in their tiny woodstoves. Struck by an idea, Brimsby returns the next day with a custom-made hat to top each nest, thus keeping the birds’ abodes warm and dry. The birds, freed from their labors, now have time for conversation and befriend Brimsby, and they all visit the badger for tea when he’s ashore. Handling the loss of a friend who moves away is a common theme in picture books, but this is a fresh and offbeat take that helpfully highlights kindness and proactive problem-solving. Subdued, slightly retro shades of blue, gray, green, and brown are highlighted with pops of brighter pink and scarlet, and the smooth color application and crisp edges of the digital illustrations give a clean, ordered feel to the cozy milieu. The small print and trim size may make this a challenge for group sharing, but it would be perfect for an armchair or bedtime reading session. Pair this with Moore’s A House in the Woods (BCCB 12/11)-another delightful book about homes, friendship, and problem-solving-or simply snuggle up with a cuppa, a kid, and this title. JH - Copyright 2014 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.

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