Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 04/01/2020 If you are a fan of Natasha Anastasia Tarpley’s I Love My Hair (1998) and Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love (2019), you will fall in love with this portrayal of a Black family’s nighttime routine. Narrated by a young girl, it begins, “In my family, when the sun goes down, our hair goes up!” Vibrant illustrations show the various family members preparing for bed in their own way: the girl’s brother twists his locs and dons a durag, Grandma ties a kerchief over her rollers, Daddy puts on his wave cap, and her sister spins her long hair up in a wrap. After Mommy braids the little girl’s hair, tragedy strikes. The girl is unable to find her hair bonnet to keep her hair in place at night! After looking everywhere with her family’s help, a hilarious twist reveals its location. This picture book is ideal for readers searching for stories about natural hair. It is a wonderful window and mirror that lends itself well to lessons on self-concept, bedtime routines, and learning about differences. - Copyright 2020 Booklist.

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