Bound To Stay Bound

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School Library Journal - 08/01/2016 Gr 5 Up—At first glance, this title appears to be a guide to budgeting and spending money wisely, but upon closer inspection, readers will discover this work to be an overview of the history of money—from the exchange of goods and services to the current economic climate. The introduction includes famous quotes from the film Cabaret, the Bible, and Henry Ford as well as a brief overview of the Enron scandal, all in a snappy attempt to show how money is essential to life (even if it is often considered the root of all evil). Beginning with ancient methods of exchange, the text covers the evolution and current state of banking systems in the United States. Other chapters take a break from the history lesson to discuss corporations, stocks, loans, bank accounts, checks, and other types of accounts. A section on handling debt is not only thorough but also timely. Readers will find that the highlighted terms (defined contextually and in the glossary), such as recession, depression, stock, inflation, and foreclosure, clarify a complex system and give a better understanding of the economy on an everyday scale. VERDICT A solid introduction to economics and the history of monetary systems.—Denise Moore, formerly at O'Gorman Junior High School, Sioux Falls, SD - Copyright 2016 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 08/01/2016 Often, the most omnipresent concepts are the ones that escape the attention of young readers, and this book seeks to tackle the endlessly complex topic of money. Scott discusses basic economic principles, such as mediums of trade, demand, and lending, filling a gap that is left by many primary-school curricula. Using these lessons as building blocks, the text delves into a history of the U.S. economy, emphasizing the creation of the banking system and major periods of depression. Personal finance is also explored, and readers are instructed in how to create a budget and stick to it. Responsible borrowing, the power of compound interest, and investing are explained in an age-appropriate manner and provide invaluable early lessons on financial stability. Clark’s fun illustrations couple with Scott’s straightforward descriptions to prove that it is never too early to begin helping young people develop an understanding of how to make money—and how to keep it. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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