Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 03/15/2018 Little Raphael loves his best friend Jerome, who holds his hand, always chooses him as his buddy on field trips, shares his snacks, defends him when kids make fun of him, and makes up the best stories. “Raphael loves Jerome,” the boy muses, adding, “I can say it. It’s easy.” Unfortunately it’s not so easy for Raphael’s father, who thinks it’s a pity that Jerome doesn’t play soccer, grouching “Now that’s enough” when his son talks too enthusiastically about his best friend. “It’s not like Jerome is a bad word,” Raphael thinks defiantly, determining he will find a present for Jerome, “something strong as a fortress that will last forever.” After all, Raphael loves Jerome. “I can say it. It’s easy.” Originally published in France, this gentle, sweet-spirited story is a testament to the power of childhood friendship and the timeless power of love. The softly colored cartoonlike illustrations by Tallec perfectly capture the mood and spirit of the text, deftly translated by Bedrick and Snelson. The result is a book to treasure. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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