Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 05/15/2018 A quick education in living off the land takes place as a huge brown zoo bear dropped off in the woods and a small Girl Scout seeking her “Wildlife Buddy” merit badge help each other out. Warning the clueless but amiable ursine that rocks are not food (“What were you thinking?”), nor are Girl Scouts (“That would be terribly rude”), the take-charge child embarks on a search for something to settle the bear’s loudly grumbling tummy. A series of failed tries—with mud, pine cones, and a discouragingly aggressive rabbit—leaves both pretty grumpy. In Sheneman’s big cartoon panels and full-page scenes, the silent bear’s gesticulations are as easy to read as the young naturalist’s running commentary and lame attempts at humor (“I’m sorry, big guy. I didn’t mean to be so unbearable”). Things finally start looking up after a brief spat, and following closer looks at her manual, the scout finds a patch of luscious berries, a beehive, and a good spot to fish. A droll addition to the annals of interspecies partnerships. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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