Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 09/15/2016 This comprehensive primer on the Holocaust is age-appropriate and frank. The opening pages offer plenty of explanation for the series of events leading up to the Holocaust, including generations of anti-Semitism in Europe and Germany’s humiliation in WWI. A matter-of-fact description of both the cultural traditions and religious beliefs of Judaism help highlight the Jewish experience, but other targeted groups, such as homosexuals and the infirm, are also explored. The propaganda that fueled many prejudices is a major theme, and Steele revisits the nature of discrimination at several important junctures. The book succeeds in providing an unflinching look into the inner workings of a concentration camp and attempts at escape, without including some of the most graphic and haunting images that may be unsuitable for younger readers. In fact, the focus on the impact of the Holocaust on the young will especially resonate with preadolescent audiences, making this a fitting resource for a first exposure to the topic. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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