Bound To Stay Bound

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001 00597014 144293
008240619s2024 nyu eng
010 a|00597014
020 a|9781978596160 (temp)
1001 a|Bradley, Sabine
2451 a|Right On Cue
300 a|200 p. :
490 a|West 44 YA Verse
520# a|Things are looking up for Alex. Years after being taken away from her alcoholic mother and placed in a foster home, Alex is finally taking hold of her future and applying to film schools. But right on cue, her birth mother comes back into her life. Alex is not about to let her mother derail her life again. Then she learns her mother is very sick. She agrees to meet with her currently-sober mother, promising to guard her heart and prepare for disappointment.

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