Bound To Stay Bound

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001 461377
008240227s2024 nyu eng
020 a|9780593464441 (temp)
1001 a|Holyoke, Polly
2451 a|Sky King
300 a|272 p. :
490 a|Skyriders Bk. 2
520# a|Fresh from their victory over the frightening chimerae monsters, Kie and N’Rah are looking forward to a quiet life on her uncle’s orchard, far from the turmoil of the capital city. Then Kie unexpectedly receives a message from the emperor himself! He has an urgent mission for Kie and N’Rah--they need to find the Sky King, the elusive ruler of the wild skysteeds that soar across the land. (Postponed from Fall 2023)

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