Bound To Stay Bound

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008240613s2024 nyu eng
020 a|9781545810279 (temp)
1001 a|Stilton, Geronimo
2451 a|Geronimo Stilton Reporter 3 in 1, vol. 2
300 a|152 p. :
b|ill. ;
490 a|Geronimo Stilton Reporter Graphic Novels v. 2
520# a|Why can’t Geronimo Stilton, the editor-in-chief of The Rodent’s Gazette, ever catch a break? When visiting a movie set, he stumbles upon a plot that was not in the script, one that could derail the whole production! Then, his scoop becomes supernatural as a mummy is seen roaming the halls of a museum! And, Geronimo has to interview--gulp!--a member of organized crime?! Moldy Mozzarella! In graphic novel format.

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