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BTSB Bookstore Enhancements

by Linda Price, Sarah Schmidt, and Katie Walter.

We have been working hard to make our web site as user friendly as possible. Our goal is to take the stress out of book ordering by giving you the tools you need to select, save, and send an order with the greatest of ease. We have added some features that we think you will find very useful.

Mouse Over Feature

If you have tried navigating our web site lately you may have noticed some of the tabs function a little differently. In an effort to aide our users in navigating our site more conveniently, we have added a new “mouse-over” feature.

While navigating the blue tool bar, located at the top of the page, your cursor will change from a pointer to a small hand when it is hovering over the tab. It will also change color. This feature allows for easier navigation by allowing you to see another menu with more options underneath without having to click on a particular tab. If you don't find what you're looking for while hovering over one tab, you can slide to the next. For example, you can mouse over the MY BOOKSTORE tab and another row of tabs will appear below it with the options:

  • Summary
  • Book Lists
  • Orders
  • Profile
  • Contact
  • Security
  • Awards Contest

If you mouse over the SEARCH tab you will see another row of tabs below it with the options:

  • Keywords/Numbers
  • Advanced Search
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Reading Counts
  • Series
  • Bargains
  • Awards/States

Once you click on one of these options it activates that tab and takes you to a new page.

Move /Copy Feature

Need to move or copy titles from one list to another? This is easily done with the move/copy feature. To move your selected titles to an existing or new list, hover over the MOVE/COPY tab on the blue tool bar located on the View Book List screen. Then you may choose a current list from the drop down menu located next to, Choose a Current List:, or create a new list by typing a new book list name in the text box next to, or a new list:. Once you have chosen your new or existing list then click MOVE or COPY located to the far right of the same row.

One Click Ordering Feature

We have implemented a quick way to add titles to a book list when doing searches on the BTSB Bookstore. When your search results are displayed you will notice a + and – sign next to each quantity box. You may simply click the + sign to add copies of that particular title to your book list. You may add as many copies as you wish by clicking the + sign repeatedly. You may delete titles by clicking the – sign until a zero appears in the quantity box.

More Information Feature

Are you interested in viewing more information about certain titles from your search results? You can do so by clicking on the + more information link found at the bottom of the title area from both the View Book List and Search Results pages. This allows you to view the reviews and recommendations as well as a link to other titles of the same subject. To close the information simply click the – less information link.

Watch for future articles highlighting other helpful BTSB Bookstore enhancements. Have suggestions for enhancements you would like to see? We want to hear them. Call Customer Support toll free 800-637-6586.