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Werner Rebsamen
Werner Rebsamen (photo)

Werner Rebsamen, born and educated as a master bookbinder in Switzerland, immigrated to the USA in 1960. After a successful industry career, he joined the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1974 where he taught classes and industry seminars in book manufacture. In conjunction with the Library Binding Institute, he set up a book testing facility where bindings coming from all over the world were analyzed and tested. His lecture and consulting assignments took him all over the world.

In 2000, after a 50+ year professional career, he retired to the mountains of New Hampshire. Still a "Professor Emeritus" at RIT, he keeps active as a Director of Technology for LBI, as a trade consultant and most of all, as a technical writer for various trade journals.

Werner would welcome questions and feedback from librarians about bookbinding topics. You may send them to him c/o BTSB Books.