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Home Office Division
Jacksonville, IL; Covers Alaska, Hawaii, International
President & Bookbuyer
Bob Sibert (photo)
Bob Sibert
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: RSibert
Sales and Marketing Manager
Lori Smith (photo)
Lori Smith
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: LSmith
Customer Satisfaction Manager
Steve Browning (photo)
Steve Browning
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: SBrowning
Supervisor, Customer Support
Jamie Keehner (photo)
Jamie Keehner
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: JKeehner
Collection Development Coordinator
Bev Hart (photo)
Bev Hart
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: BHart
Book/Multimedia Buyer
Jan Smith (photo)
Jan Smith
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: JSmith
Harry Gaylord (photo)
Harry Gaylord
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: HGaylord
Marketing Assistant
Margy Fairfield (photo)
Margy Fairfield
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: MFairfield
Customer Support Representative
Katie Walter (photo)
Katie Walter
phone: 800-637-6586 ext. 3155
e-mail: KWalter
Customer Support, Returns
Lora Steele (photo)
Lora Steele
Phone: 800-637-6586
E-mail: LSteele

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