Choosing Excellence: Good Enough; Schools are Not Good Enough

Choosing Excellence: “Good Enough” Schools are Not Good Enough by John Merrow.
Published by Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2001. 207 pages.

Bringing with him years of experience in covering the field of education, John Merrow offers seasoned insight into the problems faced by today’s parents, schools and teachers. Perhaps more importantly, he offers guidelines and questions to ask in the quest for schools that are more than “good enough.”

For parents this book is an insightful look into what constitutes excellence in schools. In addition, it offers a great “how to” book for those who are seeking better schools for their kids. Though filled with useful, pertinent information, the book is easy to understand and positive in nature.

Not every educator will enjoy this book. But every educator probably should read this book! Even if some of the points hit “too close to home,” the tone is positive and those points are worth evaluation. For example, if a school has stressed evaluation and testing instead of teaching methods, it has “missed the boat.” An in-depth consideration of this point alone would make having read this book worthwhile to professional educators.

This book should be read by anyone concerned about the education of young people. Whether one is an interested citizen, involved parent or concerned educator, this book has something to say to him.