Cataloging Correctly for Kids

Cataloging Correctly For KidsCataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools. Fourth Edition. Sheila S. Intner, Joanna F. Fountain and Jane E. Gilchrist, editors. Published by the American Library Association, 2006. 136 p.

When I first became aware of Cataloging Correctly for Kids I thought that there was no way to specifically catalog for children. I still think that. But this text provides catalogers with an understanding of how children approach and use cataloging, coupled with specific information about cataloging tools, materials and national programs that aid the cataloger’s work. Catalogers that read this text gain sensitivity for children’s cataloging issues and information about useful tools.

This fourth edition of this title is edited by a trio of cataloging luminaries. Sheila Intner is Professor Emeritus from Simmons College and a popular speaker and author. Joanna Fountain, another popular presenter, author and teacher, has most recently served the Texas schools K-12 Union Catalog. Jane Gilchrist is head of the Children’s Literature Cataloging team at the Library of Congress (LC) and is LC’s liaison to ALA’s Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Cataloging of Children’s Materials Committee, the publisher of this book.

The current edition is larger and contains more chapters and different information than the 1998 edition. It reflects the latest information on program developments and includes new chapters on copy and original cataloging by Deborah Fritz as well as a new chapter on cataloging for kids in the academic library. Sheila Intner has written a new chapter on cataloging nonbook materials. Joseph Miller’s chapter on Sears headings is included, and there is now a chapter by Joanna Fountain on using LC’s Children’s headings for original MARC cataloging.

Some of the information is theoretical and some is very practical, and all of it will aid catalogers in judging and interpreting cataloging records for inclusion in the catalog. This is a good collection of concise, yet fairly comprehensive information on an oft over-looked topic.

Margaret Maurer
Head, Catalog & Metadata, Kent State University Libraries and Media Services
Review originally appeared in TechKNOW, Vol. 11, Issue 4, December 2005