A New Service from Bound to Stay Bound: Customized Classroom Sets

AClassroom Setss Common Core State Standards and other state standards have become a primary focus for schools, the curriculum is being modified. We realize that you as librarians are not solely responsible for purchasing classroom materials but are often asked to help identify reliable vendors. Your experience in book purchasing is a valuable resource to those who are looking to purchase classroom sets. Schools invest in quality bindings because they are looking for long term cost savings.

Instead of purchasing the traditional, cheapest paperback and replacing or repairing them year after year, schools are purchasing these titles from Bound to Stay Bound with the same quality binding we put into library books. As a result, BTSB classroom sets will last up to ten times longer than the paperbacks providing savings of both time and money to schools by eliminating repair or replacement costs.

Classroom titles do not have to be a part of Bound to Stay Bound’s library inventory. Schools provide us with the ISBN, author and title of the titles needed and BTSB will provide a quote. We contact the publisher directly for best possible pricing and bind the classroom sets on an on demand basis for schools. Since Bound to Stay Bound prints all of our own covers on the high quality KidProof cover material, classroom set orders can have the covers customized with a school or district logo at no additional charge.

If your school or district needs to purchase classroom sets and is interested in saving money, visit www.btsb.com/services/classroom-sets/ and request a free quote or email btsb@btsb.com with the titles needed. A minimum of 25 copies of each title is required to take advantage of this service.

Searching the BTSB Bookstore to check for titles and pricing is not suggested. Bound to Stay Bound offers special pricing and discounts just for classroom sets. No need to limit your pricing to classroom sets only, we also provide special pricing and custom covers for dictionaries and other reference and textbook material. Ask about any title and we will provide pricing and delivery information.