Growth and Development of Social Media at Bound to Stay Bound

BTSB FacebookSocial media continues to grow in popularity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and more have been growing daily in users. It continues to be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends and apps on our smartphones and computers. Every day we receive emails informing us that we have been tagged, liked, shared, retweeted, followed and more.

Bound to Stay Bound has been growing in our social media presence as well with active Facebook and Twitter accounts. We have been posting and sharing information on Facebook since September 13, 2010 and composing Tweets on Twitter since January 2013. The information posted on these accounts is directly related to the library industry and supports school and public libraries. Some examples of information posted includes: upcoming webinars on Common Core State Standards, book award announcements, new book announcements, birthday and death notices for authors, grant opportunities, timely book recommendations for holidays and historical events, articles of interest, new services from Bound to Stay Bound, and special offers and contests where you can win free books.

We’ve “liked” many districts and public libraries throughout the country, have we “liked” yours? Come to our Facebook page at and leave a comment so we can “like” your page as well. We’d also like to follow more librarians on Twitter. If you’d like us to follow you, compose a Tweet and mention @BTSBbooks.

BTSB Share is a monthly contest where Bound to Stay Bound will ask libraries to share information on specific topics. Participants are entered into a monthly drawing where they can win free books. Responses can be submitted using Facebook, Twitter or email. Winners are notified at the end of each month and posted on the Bound to Stay Bound website.

Visit to learn more about BTSB Share, how to submit entries and see previous contests and winners. Join in the fun and submit your first BTSB Share!