Series Information in the MARC Record

By Jan Militello

Series information is contained in a Bound to Stay Bound MARC record in either the 440 Series Statement/Added Entry – Title or in a combination of the 490 Series Statement with an 800 Series Added Entry – Personal Name or an 830 Series Added Entry – Uniform Title. If Library of Congress authorizes that a series should be traced, a 440 is used. If Library of Congress determines that a series should not be traced or that it should be traced differently, the 490/800 or 490/830 combination is used. It is possible for a title to be in more than one series. Examples follow.

245 10 |aGalileo :|bastronomer and physicist /|cby Robin S. Doak.
440 0 |aSignature lives

245 10 |aIn-line skating :|bcheck it out! /|cKristin Eck.
490 1 |aExtreme sports
800 1 |aEck, Kristin.|tExtreme sports.

245 10 |aStunt bicycle riding /cby K.C. Kelley.
490 1 |aExtreme sports
830 0 |aExtreme sports (Milwaukee, Wis.)

245 10 |aHenry and Mudge :|bthe first book of their adventures /|cstory by Cynthia Rylant ; pictures by Sucie Stevenson.
440 0 |aReady-to-read.|nLevel 2
490 1 |aHenry and Mudge books
800 1 |aRylant, Cynthia.|tHenry and Mudge books.

If you are unsure how your circulation software handles the search and display of the information contained in these fields, you may wish to contact your automation system vendor.