School Libraries Matter

School Libraries MatterSchool Libraries Matter. Mirah J. Dow, Editor. 2013, 173 pages.

This resource compiles research studies and findings over the past 10 years that show evidence of the importance of school libraries and librarians. Mirah J. Dow, the editor of this book, realizes and strives to prove how school libraries and librarians are not just an educational luxury but a necessity for the academic achievement of students.

Since the role of the school librarian is to help students become information literate, school librarians are expected to help students find information and assess the usefulness of what is found. Newer technologies are so quickly adopted by students and this continues to be a challenge for many teachers who lack the confidence to use them for instruction. It is often the school librarian who is leading teachers in the effort to utilize these new technologies in their instruction.

Each chapter in this book contains an introduction, research question, methodology, findings and conclusion covering topics such as academic achievement, school administration, technology, school librarian leadership and more. This book effectively summarizes the importance of each study and its practical application for working school librarians.

This is a valuable tool for career librarians or those just entering the field. The research provided can be used as a support tool to help administrators understand the essential role of school libraries and librarians in the 21st century.