Bound to Stay Bound Sustainability Statement

Bound to Stay Bound is committed to environmental sustainability and protecting the Earth’s natural resources through education, innovation, and the efficient use of land, energy, water, and green products/services in its operations.

Our Commitment to:


Provide sustainable services to our customers while upholding the highest standards of conduct and environmental responsibility.


Offer innovative products that remain highly efficient throughout their service life and support a sustainable energy supply.

Prevent Waste

Employ a production process that prevents waste and reduces the manufacturing requirements for materials, energy and personnel.


Ensure the health, safety, and development of our people, while promoting diversity and equal opportunities.


Work locally to improve the social, economical and environmental well-being of our community.

Sustainability Solutions Implemented​


Upgraded equipment resulting in fewer defective parts


No excess fillers used in cartons


Laundering program for shop towels

Energy Star

Purchase Energy Star rated products

Reuse Materials

Notepads, coasters, & bookmarks printed on scrap materials

Saving Water

Low flow faucets


Auto light shut-offs

LED Lights

LED lighting conversion

Solar Power

Solar Power System installation to significantly reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions

Reduce Waste

Separate containers for different wastes accessible to all employees

Fair Wages

Safe and healthy jobs with fair wages and equal opportunity for all


Committed to to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our local community