The next generation is listening.

Playaway is the simplest way to listen to an audiobook. Each Playaway comes pre-loaded in HD audio with a universal jack that works with almost any type of headphone or mobile accessory. Listen with earphones, portable speaker, or a car adapter. Simply plug in and enjoy anytime anywhere.

No CDs. No Downloading. No WiFi. No Screentime. Just Press Play!

Each ultra-portable Playaway weighs only two ounces and comes in circulation-ready packaging and 5 narration speeds to choose from. Use alone or pair with the book.

BTSB is proud to offer over 6,700 Playaway® audiobooks at a discounted list price. Click on a photo to be redirected to that specific title or


PLAYAWAY® Kids. These playaways could be red, orange, yellow, or blue. Which color will you get?