"The second reason that I love Bound to Stay Bound is the customer service... Not every company has great customer service and in the busy lives of school librarians we need a company that will stand behind us and support the work that we are doing in our schools."

Andy Plemmons
School Library Media Specialist
Barrow Elementary School
Athens, Georgia

"If you ask any of the kids they will probably pick one of the Bound to Stay Bound because it is nice and shiny and pretty, and they know that if their little brother or sister gets ahold of it there is a chance that it might survive!"

Stella Green
Shawnee Mission Unified School District
Roseland Park, Kansas

"We use the S.O.S. Library campaign... through Bound to Stay Bound to get community and family to donate books to the library. It has had a huge success at Aviara Oaks Elementary."

Andrea Oshima
Library Media Tech
Aviara Oaks Elementary School
Carlsbad, California

"I don't ever have to weed Bound to Stay Bound books due to them falling apart because, well, they just don't!"

Sheri Wersterfer
Hoffman Lane Elementary School
New Braunfels, Texas

"The covers look so fabulous, the kids just love them, and they are Bound to Stay Bound - they will last a true lifetime."

Elizabeth Patterson
Smithson Valley Middle School
Spring Branch, Texas

"We order Bound to Stay Bound books almost exclusively from our library because we're on limited budgets and we want books that will last, and books that are attractive, and books that kids want."

Angie Adams
Lead Librarian
Vista Grande Elementary School
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"I recommend Bound to Stay Bound if you're looking for books that will last and quality service and products."

Christina Peterson
School Librarian
Conestoga Valley Middle School
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"The Reason I am such a fan of Bound to Stay Bound Books is the company's attention to detail... I love that the website tells me if the book is immediately available... the speed of delivery is impressive... I have not encountered another company that matches their commitment to quality and customer service."

Tim Whitney
School Librarian
Leola Elementary School
Leola, Pennsylvania

"I really like the quick turnaround for Bound to Stay Bound. I put in an order -- it's there usually within a week!"

Lynella Holmes
Elementary Library Media Specialist
Beloit School District
Beloit, Wisconsin

"I have also found that with Bound to Stay Bound Books personnel, I'm always treated respectfully and anytime I've had to call or I've had an issue I've been helped and problems get solved right away. They're great to work with!"

Amber Peterson
Carson Elementary School
Puyallup, Washington

"The ability of books to be able to be circulated again and again and again is equally important, especially at a time when budgets are limited and we have to make choices... I think I'm a Bound to Stay Bound customer for life!"

Kate Brundage
Singapore American School

"I love the online ordering. It's very easy and convenient. I use the Dup Check feature and the Analysis helps me with my collection development. I just think the Bound to Stay Bound company is the best!"

Judy Hansen
District Coordinator
Pampa Independent School District
Pampa, Texas

"I am totally satisfied with everything about Bound to Stay Bound because they're as close to perfect as you can get!"

Lynn Morris
Frank Elementary School
Klein, Texas

"What I really like about Bound to Stay Bound Books is their customer service. I call them, they are always so friendly, they can deal exactly with what I want, I can just tell them and it always arrives very promptly."

Francis Ablett
St. Michael Elementary School
Sharonville, Ohio

"So, initially it was the binding that sold me on Bound to Stay Bound. But now it is not only the binding but the great selection of high quality literature, and the customer service is second to none."

Marisela Rodriguez
Director of Library Services
Southwest Independent School District
San Antonio, Texas

"When I became a school librarian it was easy to see which books held up the best. Bound to Stay Bound is the best company to order books from that not only need to stand up to the test of time but also the hands of students."

Amy Benedict
Keokuk Middle School
Keokuk, Iowa

"Any of my friends that become librarians, when they get their first library, whether they are elementary or middle, I just tell them look at Bound to Stay Bound and give them a try."

Becky Jackman
New Providence Middle School
Clarksville, Tennessee

"I've worked as a media specialist for over 25 years and I just can't say enough about Bound to Stay Bound Books! They hold up very well, their website is easy to navigate... and you get great customer service."

Nancy Praver
Media Specialist
Riverview Elementary School
Titusville, Florida

"Schools have very limited funding and we don't have the opportunity to run out and buy whatever we want whenever we want. So librarians are very thoughtful about their purchases, and we have found that Bound to Stay Bound is the one that stands the test of time."

Kim Anderson
Library Media Specialist
Watterson Elementary School
Louisville, Kentucky

"I think Bound to Stay Bound is a librarian's best friend... Their customer service has that old-fashioned personal touch. Your library's order matters to Bound to Stay Bound."

Jan Willis
Lee County Library System
Tupelo, Mississippi

"I think we are sending a message that reading in our school is extremely important, that we value the printed word, and that we feel as if our students deserve the very best... Therefore, I would not go with any other company. I'm very pleased with Bound to Stay Bound."

Barbara Burns
Head Librarian
Norfolk Academy
Norfolk, Virginia

" Customer Service at Bound to Stay Bound is also tremendous. Whenever I've had a problem, whenever I've had a concern or I've had a question, I can call, I can get through, someone is right there to answer my questions."

Cindy Schaible
Augusta Ranch Elementary School
Mesa, Arizona

"The Bound to Stay Bound Books hold up to the locker crunches..., football practice..., students using them as last minute snowboards down a hill. They last and they last and they last."

Holli Buchter
Asst. Media Coordinator
St. Vrain School District
Longmont, Colorado

"I always look for a Bound to Stay Bound book first... I do like the website, it's so easy to order books. The delivery is so quick."

Cindy Moyle
District Library Coordinator
Granite School District
Salt Lake City, Utah

"There are no compromises with the Bound to Stay Bound product. You're going to find that these books stand up to the trials that your students will put them through."

Nancy Froehlich
Smith Street Elementary School
Uniondale, New York

"I really like the Dup check... The Collection Development is very helpful too."

Jim Moon
Willow Creek Middle School
Lehi, Utah

"For $90,000 worth of books there was not one single mistake in the whole order, ... but I guess I've come to expect that from Bound to Stay Bound."

Alan Hendrix
Lead Elementary Librarian
Lubbock Independent School District
Lubbock, Texas

"We've used Bound to Stay Bound for over 45 years... We particularly like the quality of the bindings because they are durable and they stand up against the punishment our children give to us."

John Taylor
Madera County Library
Madera, California

"So within the first hour of our meeting he (our BTSB sales rep) pretty much brought me from very little knowledge of how to purchase books to feeling very confident in using the Bound to Stay Bound site."

Amy Oberts
Oakland Elementary School
Bloomington, Illinois

"I love the fact that I'm important. I guess it's the attitude I see at Bound to Stay Bound; it's one of friendliness, of acceptance, of people going out of their way to make sure that what you're getting, the product, is really good."

Nancy Talley
Pheasant Point Elementary School
O'Fallon, Missouri

"I also like using the website. I find it easy to use and I especially like the feature where it compares a title against my collection... I strongly recommend (Bound to Stay Bound Books). It's just one of the best!"

Sarah Geiger
Acoma Elementary School
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"After pricing the whole list I realized that buying from Bound to Stay Bound was only $2.35 more, and I thought 'That's nothing!', I can afford these wonderful books."

Susan Bristow
Columbia River High School, Vancouver School District
Vancouver, WA

"Some people think they can't get middle school books from Bound to Stay Bound and that is absolutely not true. I very rarely have to buy a book from anywhere else."

Marcia Parsons
Drexel Hill Middle School
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

"When asked why I like Bound to Stay Bound I always say 'What's not to like about a company that gives you more than you asked for?'"

Peggy Becksvoort
Falmouth Middle School
Falmouth, Maine

"I'm a shopper, I'm always looking for a bargain. And at any price Bound to Stay Bound books are a bargain because I know that they will last and last and last."

Nancy Adams
Media Specialist
Cumberland Road Elementary School
Fishers, Indiana

"The website... is not only a tool that I use as a purchaser but it's a tool we use in our library programming."

Sue Kowalski
Pine Grove Middle School
East Syracuse, New York

"We're always happy to see those books come through our library that bear the little gold labels that say Bound to Stay Bound. They continue to serve our community well and, for a library on a tight budget, that's always a plus."

Angel Tuggle
Branch Manager
Winder Public Library
Winder, Georgia

"Excellent service, sales rep's wonderful and the website's very user friendly for ordering... You can't beat that kind of service!"

Karen Gavigan
Instructional Resource Center, University of North Carolina-Greenville
Greenville, North Carolina