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Bookstore Accounts linked to your current login:

You are logged in with an old account which does not support changing logins.

This page lists all bookstore accounts linked to your email login. You may have multiple accounts linked to one email login or you can give other users access to your account.

Single account users will see only one account listed and will continue to access the Bookstore as usual. You may add multiple accounts at any time.

To link multiple accounts:

  • Log in to each of your current Bookstore accounts using their original username and password.
  • Fill in the form with your email address, choose the same password used login with that email address, verify the password, and then click Register.
  • We will automatically link all of your information and existing booklists to your single email and password.
  • Once linked, you may log in with your email address and password and have access to all your bookstore accounts on this page.
  • To switch accounts click the desired account name.

If you would like another user to have access to your account please contact customer support at 800-637-6586 with that person’s email address and we will link them to your account. Or chat with us by clicking the Live Chat button in the upper right hand corner of any page.