Another feature from Bound To Stay Bound to help make your job easier.

This feature compares the books you want to order from Bound To Stay Bound with titles in your current collection. DupCheck uses your library collection's MARC records and compares them with titles you have on a book list being prepared on the BTSB Bookstore. To learn how to use this time and money saving feature, select the HELP button at the upper right hand corner of this screen and see how easy it is to use.

BTSB Collection Analysis
Allows librarians to export records from their automated circulation systems to us. We analyze collections based on publication dates, subject areas, books per student, and other criteria. The analysis helps librarians map current holdings and aids with collection development, weeding, meeting state standards and coordinating collections with school curriculums. Librarians are able to manipulate the percentages assigned to each classification in order to meet the specific needs of their libraries. Our analysis also provides suggested titles for upgrading collections in the most effective way, while taking into consideration available funding.

If you would like more information about BTSB Collection Analysis, please contact our Collection Development Coordinator, Bev Hart, at bhart or at (800) 637-6586 ext. 3105.

Sample Collection Analysis Graphs and Pages

Pie chart shows distribution of your current collectionPrinted analysis shows what you have and what you need
List of suggested titles for upgrading your current collectionBar graph shows what you have and what you need