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Purple hibiscus by Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi 

Paperback(Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2003)

BTSB #: 042368 Available

Dewey: FAges: 14-18   
AR: 5.8 UG RC: 7.2 9-12

Subjects: Teenage girls - Fiction Children of the rich - Fiction Brothers and sisters - Fiction Fathers and daughters - Fiction Religious fanaticism - Fiction Coups d'e'tat - Fiction Aunts - Fiction Nigeria - Fiction

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Kambili and her older brother Jaja lead a privileged life in Enugu, Nigeria. They're completely shielded from the troubles of the world. Although her Papa is generous and well respected, he is fanatically religious and tyrannical at home-a home that is silent and suffocating. As the country begins to fall apart under a military coup, Kambili and Jaja are sent to their aunt, a university professor outside the city.

13.90 *

Que fue el Alamo? by Pollack, Pam 

PaperbackSPANISH(Santillana, 2016)

BTSB #: 724628 Available

Dewey: 976.4/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.) - Siege, 1836 Spanish language - Reading materials

Summary: Remember the Alamo! is still a rallying cry more than 175 years after the siege in Texas, where a small band of men held off about two thousand soldiers of the Mexican Army for twelve days. In Spanish.

9.83 *

Que fue la Gran Depresion? by Pascal, Janet B. 

PaperbackSPANISH(Santillana USA, 2016)

BTSB #: 694982 Available

Dewey: 973.91/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Great Depression, 1929-1939 - United States Spanish language - Reading materials United States - History|y1933-1945 United States - History|y1919-1933

Summary: Though the U.S. has seen other times of struggle, the Great Depression remains one of the hardest and most widespread tragedies in American history. In Spanish.

9.83 *

Quick As A Cricket by Wood, Audrey 

PaperbackNew title, awaiting publication or binding.(HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT)

BTSB #: 963358 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 4-7   

Summary: A young boy describes himself as “loud as a lion,” “quiet as a clam,” “tough as a rhino,” and “gentle as a lamb.” First published in 1984

7.37 *

Quien fue la Madre Teresa? by Gigliotti, Jim 

PaperbackSPANISH(Santillana USA, 2015)

BTSB #: 378504 Available

Dewey: 271/BAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Teresa, - Mother,|d1910-1997 Missionaries of Charity - Biography Nuns - India - Biography Spanish language - Reading materials

Summary: Born a humble girl in what is now Albania, Agnes Bojaxhlu lived a charitable life. She pledged herself to a religious order at the age of 18 and chose the name Sister Teresa. Her charity work soon expanded internationally, and her name remains synonymous with compassion and devotion to the poor.

9.01 *

Quien fue Louis Armstrong? by McDonough, Yona Zeldis 

PaperbackSPANISH(Santillana, 2016)

BTSB #: 624148 Available

Dewey: 781.65/BAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Armstrong, Louis,|d1901-1971 Musicians Jazz African Americans - Biography Spanish language - Reading materials

9.01 *

Quien fue Nelson Mandela? by Pollack, Pam 

PaperbackSPANISH(Santillana, 2016)

BTSB #: 724632 Available

Dewey: 968.065/BAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Mandela, Nelson,|d1918-2013 Presidents - South Africa - Biography Spanish language - Reading materials

Summary: The biography of Nelson Mandela who spent his life battling apartheid and championing a peaceful revolution in South Africa. In Spanish.

9.01 *

Raft by Bodeen, S. A. 

Paperback(Square Fish, 2013)

BTSB #: 129605 Available

Dewey: FAges: 12-16   
AR: 4.4 MG+RC: 5.2 6-8 Lexile: 680 HL

Subjects: Adventure fiction.|2sear Survival skills - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: The harrowing story of a teen girl who is the sole survivor of a plane crash, and ends up stranded on a desert island. Is she alone?

9.01 *

Rag and bone shop : a novel by Cormier, Robert 

Paperback(Delacorte Press, 2003)

BTSB #: 244012 Available

Dewey: FAges: 12-16   

Subjects: Criminal investigation - Fiction Detectives - Fiction Police - Fiction Murder - Fiction Massachusetts - Fiction

Summary: Trent, an ace interrogator from Vermont, works to procure a confession from an introverted twelve-year-old accused of murdering his seven-year-old friend in Monument, Massachusetts.

5.73 *

Raisin in the sun by Hansberry, Lorraine 

Paperback(Vintage Books, 1994)

BTSB #: 418336 Available

Dewey: 812/NAges: 12-16   
Lexile: NP

Subjects: African American families - Drama.|2sear

Summary: Set on Chicago's South Side, the plot revolves around the divergent dreams and conflicts within three generations of the Younger family.

6.52 *

Real kids, real stories, real change : courageous actions around the world by Sundem, Garth 

Paperback(Free Spirit, 2010)

BTSB #: 865139 Available

Dewey: 920.0083/NAges: 9-13   

Subjects: Children - Biography - Anecdotes Courage - Anecdotes Creative ability - Anecdotes Diligence - Anecdotes Children - Political activity - Anecdotes Social action - Anecdotes Altruism in children - Anecdotes Biography - Anecdotes Child volunteers - Case studies Helping behavior - Case studies Role models - Case studies

Summary: Travel around the world and meet truly amazing children. Thirty true stories profile real kids who used their heads and hearts to do awesome things.

9.01 *

Rebel by Lu, Marie 

PaperbackNew title, awaiting publication or binding.(Roaring Brook Press, 2020)

BTSB #: 589670 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 12-17   
AR: 5.4 UG Lexile: 760 HL

Genres: Science Fiction

Subjects: Brothers - Fiction Science fiction Survival skills - Fiction

Summary: As Day and Eden struggle with who they've become since their time in the Republic, a new danger creeps into the distance between them, and Eden finds himself drawn into Ross City's dark side, where his legendary brother may not be able to save him.

10.65 *

Red Queen by Aveyard, Victoria 

PaperbackNew title, awaiting publication or binding.(HarperTeen, 2016)

BTSB #: 077230 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 12-16   
AR: 5.2 MG+RC: 4.5 9-12 Lexile: 740 HL

Genres: Fantasy Fiction

Subjects: Blood - Fiction.|2sear Ability - Fiction.|2sear Teenage girls - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: Graceling meets The Selection in this sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare, a common girl whose once-latent magical power draws her into the dangerous intrigue of the king's palace. Will her power save her or condemn her?

10.65 *

Red umbrella by Gonzalez, Christina Diaz 

Paperback(Yearling, 2011)

BTSB #: 385681 Available

Dewey: FAges: 10-14   
AR: 3.8 MG+

Subjects: Family life - Cuba - Fiction.|2sear Cuba - History|y1959- - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: In 1961 after Castro has come to power in Cuba, fourteen-year-old Lucia and her seven-year-old brother are sent to the United States when her parents, who are not in favor of the new regime, fear that the children will be taken away from them as others have been.

6.55 *

Rena's Promise by Gelissen, Rena Kornreich 

PaperbackNew title, awaiting publication or binding.(RANDOM HOUSE, INC., 2015)

BTSB #: 373965 Temp OS

Dewey: 940.53/CAges: 12-18   

Summary: In March 1942, Rena Kornreich and 997 other young women were rounded up and forced onto the first Jewish transport of women to Auschwitz. Soon after, Rena was reunited with her sister Danka at the camp, beginning a story of love and courage that would last three years and forty-one days.

14.76 *

Report card by Clements, Andrew 

Paperback(Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006)

BTSB #: 221583 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.9 MG RC: 5.1 3-5 Lexile: 700 F&P: R

Subjects: Grading and marking (Education) - Fiction.|2sear Achievement tests - Fiction.|2sear School stories.|2sear Genius - Fiction.|2sear Friendship - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: When fifth-grader Nora Rowley comes up with a plan to prove that grades are not important, things begin to get out of control.

6.55 *

Return of the king : being the third part of The lord of the rings by Tolkien, J. R. R. 

PaperbackNew title, awaiting publication or binding.(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)

BTSB #: 884384 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 12-18   
AR: 6.2 UG RC: 9 9-12 Lexile: 920

Subjects: Baggins, Frodo (Fictional character) - Fiction.|2sear Fantasy fiction.|2sear Middle Earth (Imaginary place) - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: The Third Age of Middle-earth ends, and the age of the dominion of Men begins.

13.93 *

Return of Zita the spacegirl by Hatke, Ben 

Paperback(First Second, 2014)

BTSB #: 424872 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   
AR: 2.5 MG RC: 2.7 3-5

Subjects: Science fiction.|2sear Space travel - Fiction.|2sear Heroes - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: Zita the Spacegirl has saved planets, battled monsters, and wrestled with interplanetary fame. But she faces her biggest challenge when she is wrongfully imprisoned on a penitentiary planet. Zita has to plot the galaxy's greatest jailbreak before the evil prison warden can execute his plan of interstellar domination.

10.65 *

Rifle by Paulsen, Gary 

Paperback(Harcourt Brace, 1995)

BTSB #: 704738 Available

Dewey: FAges: 12-18   
AR: 6.8 MG RC: 7.9 6-8 Lexile: 1480

Subjects: Rifles - Fiction.|2sear United States - History|y1775-1783, Revolution - Fiction.|2sear

Summary: A priceless, handcrafted rifle, carried throughout the American Revolution, is passed down through the years until it fires on a fateful Christmas Eve of 1994.

6.55 *

Rise of the balloon goons by Cummings, Troy 

Paperback(Branches/Scholastic, 2013)

BTSB #: 252365 Available

Dewey: FAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.3 LG RC: 2.5 K-2 Lexile: 490 F&P: O

Subjects: Monsters - Fiction.|2sear Balloons - Fiction.|2sear Elementary schools - Fiction.|2sear School stories.|2sear Horror fiction.|2sear

Summary: [1st in the series] Alexander has just moved into Stermont, but the elementary school is being torn down, his new classroom is located in the hospital morgue, a notebook he finds is full of information about monsters--and everywhere he turns there are spooky balloon men determined to attack him.

4.09 *

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