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All you never wanted by Griffin, Adele 

Audio Book(Findaway World, LLC, 2013)

BTSB #: P02231 Available

Dewey: FAges: 13-18   

Subjects: Sisters - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Wealth - Fiction

Summary: Wealthy teen Thea Parott's jealousy of her older, prettier, more popular sister Alex prompts a series of self-destructive acts that threaten their seemingly-idyllic lives.

61.74 *

Home ice rivals [Jake Maddox graphic novels]by Maddox, Jake 

BTSB Prebound(Stone Arch, 2021)

BTSB #: 596280 In Bindery

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   
AR: 2.6 MG Lexile: 330 GN F&P: Q

Subjects: Hockey - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Siblings - Fiction Family life - Fiction Moving - Fiction Graphic novels

Summary: Benny Krueger loves playing hockey with his friends at his home on the lake by his home. So when his parents announce that they have to move, it breaks his heart. Even worse, Benny's older sister loves to embarrass him at the rink. When he learns about a pond hockey tournament being held near his house, he rallies his friends to take on his sister's team. Will Benny finally defeat his sister and gain some confidence in his own skills on the ice? In graphic novel format.

23.37 *

I'll fix Anthony by Viorst, Judith 

BTSB Prebound(Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2020)

BTSB #: 910126 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
Lexile: 470

Genres: Family Life Humorous Fiction

Subjects: Brothers - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction

Summary: A little brother thinks of the ways he will some day get revenge on his older brother.

22.58 *

Jawbreaker by Wyman, Christina 

BTSB Prebound(Farrar Straus Giroux, 2023)

BTSB #: 970230 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.9 MG Lexile: 760

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Sibling rivalry - Fiction Bullies - Fiction Orthodontics - Fiction Teeth - Care and hygiene - Fiction Middle schools - Fiction School stories

Summary: Twleve-year-old Max, who has an extreme overbite, must navigate sibling rivalry and middle school bullies.

22.58 *

Karate clash [Impact books. Jake Maddox sports story]by Maddox, Jake 

BTSB Prebound(Stone Arch, 2024)

BTSB #: 596113 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
F&P: Q

Genres: Sports Family Life

Subjects: Karate - Fiction Dojo school - Fiction Stepsisters - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Mother and child - Fiction

Summary: Twelve-year-old Levi is at home in the dojo where he practices karate, although the contentious relationship with his new stepsister, Sofia, is disturbing his concentration--but when she suddenly decides to join his dojo he realizes that Sofia's prickly attitude is a cover for her unhappiness.

22.72 *

Karen's little sister by Martin, Ann M. 

Audio Book(Findaway World, LLC, 2023)

BTSB #: P09267 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Sisters - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Sick - Fiction

Summary: Now that baby Emily is in the family, Karen feels left out. Then Emily gets sick and everybody, even Karen, has to take care of her. That's when Karen finds out that being a big sister is the most fun of all!

56.99 *

Me first by Kornell, Max 

BTSB Prebound(Nancy Paulsen, 2014)

BTSB #: 530088 Available

Dewey: EAges: 5-8   
AR: 2.7 LG

Genres: Family Life Animals

Subjects: Siblings - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Donkeys - Fiction

Summary: A brother and sister's constant attempts to outdo each other land them in a sticky situation.

21.88 *

Mi hermana es lo peor

PaperbackSPANISH(Blok, 2018)

BTSB #: 954630 Available

Dewey: FAges: 9-12   
Lexile: 700

Genres: Spanish Language Family Life

Subjects: Spanish language - Reading materials Sisters - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction

Summary: Marty and her sister Melissa couldn't be more different. Marty loves her Converse trainers, playing football, hiding in her secret den and helping her dad with his DIY. But Melissa loves Justin Bieber and all things pink, girly and pretty. In Spanish.

10.62 *

Night of the living dummy by Stine, R. L. 

Audio Book(Findaway World, LLC, 2016)

BTSB #: P03107 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Scary/Horror Stories

Subjects: Mannequins (Figures) - Fiction Twins - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction

Summary: Lindy finds a ventriloquist's dummy and has fun learning to make him move and talk. Kris is jealous, and decides to get a dummy of her own. Then nasty evil things begin to happen. No way can a dummy be causing all the trouble. Or can it?

47.49 *

Power at the plate [Sports illustrated kids graphic novels]by Ciencin, Scott 

BTSB Prebound(Stone Arch, 2012)

BTSB #: 215378 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-14   
AR: 2.7 MG Lexile: 560 GN F&P: T

Subjects: Baseball - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Brothers - Fiction Graphic novels

Summary: Luke isn't half as popular as his older stepbrother Jake, and he's had enough of hiding in his big brother's shadow.

23.37 *

Prak fills the house by Washington, Donna L. 

BTSB Prebound(Peachtree, 2023)

BTSB #: 921984 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   

Genres: Animals Fairy Tales Humorous Fiction

Subjects: Pigs - Folklore Folklore Contests - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction

Summary: A spirited pig outsmarts her older siblings in a friendly competition after their father offers the winner his home as he prepares to travel the world.

23.28 *

Ready for the spotlight! by Kim, Jaime 

BTSB Prebound(Candlewick Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 517937 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
F&P: L

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Sisters - Fiction Ballet dancers - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Humorous fiction

Summary: Tessie has taken ballet for a whole month and thinks she has it down. If it weren't for her big sister, Maya, who seems to own the spotlight, Tessie would dazzle the whole class. But when Maya lands the lead--and the coveted princess crown--in the fall recital, not even freestyle dancing can fully rescue Tessie's spirits. But maybe they each have something to teach and the spotlight is big enough for two?

22.58 *

Sam makes a splash [House On Sunrise Lagoon Volume: Book 1]by Melleby, Nicole 

BTSB Prebound(Algonquin Young Readers, 2023)

BTSB #: 635780 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Belonging (Psychology) - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Foster parents - Fiction Lesbian mothers - Fiction Boats and boating - Fiction Family-owned business enterprises - Fiction

Summary: Eleven-year-old Sam, who lives with her siblings and mothers in a house on Sunrise Lagoon, tries to come up with a plan to save the family's charter boat business before the summer is over.

21.88 *

Steering toward normal by Petruck, Rebecca 

BTSB Prebound(Amulet Books, 2014)

BTSB #: 710460 Available

Dewey: FAges: 9-13   
AR: 5.1 MG RC: 5.4 6-8 Lexile: 830

Genres: Family Life Animals

Subjects: Brothers - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction Ranch life - Fiction

Summary: Newfound half-brother Wayne threatens eighth-grader Diggy's chances at the Minnesota State Fair steer competition, horns in on his girl, and rattles his easy relationship with Pop.

Teacher's pet [Sweet Valley Twins Volume: Book 2]by Andelfinger, Nicole 

BTSB Prebound(RH Graphic, 2023)

BTSB #: 694976 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   
Lexile: 390 GN F&P: T

Subjects: Graphic novels Twins - Fiction Sisters - Fiction Ballet dancers - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction

Summary: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, twin sisters and the best dancers in their ballet class, both want to dance the solo in the class recital, but Jessica is convinced Elizabeth will get it because she is the teacher's pet. In graphic novel format.

19.78 *

Who put that hair in my toothbrush? by Spinelli, Jerry 

Paperback(Little, Brown, 2000)

BTSB #: 840317 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 3.5 MG RC: 5.3 6-8 Lexile: 600 F&P: V

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Siblings - Fiction Sibling rivalry - Fiction School stories Interpersonal relations - Fiction

Summary: The sibling rivalry between twelve-year-old Megin and her older brother Greg intensifies after she ruins his science project and he retaliates by throwing her favorite hockey stick into the pond.

7.37 *

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