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1, 2, 3, Pull! [I like to read]by McCully, Emily Arnold 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(HOLIDAY HOUSE, INC.)

BTSB #: 622422 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   

Summary: Meet Min—a girl with the brain power to make a machine and outwit a bully too! (Postponed from Fall 2020)

20.18 *

10 ideas to overcome racism [10 Ideas]by Fornasari, Eleonora 

BTSB Prebound(Starry Forest, 2021)

BTSB #: 346323 In Bindery

Dewey: 305.8/NAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 860

Subjects: Racism Race relations Conduct of life

Summary: Learn all about confronting racist ideas with the ten little but powerful actions.

18.08 *

10 ideas to save the planet [10 Ideas]by D'Anna, Giuseppe 

BTSB Prebound(Starry Forest, 2021)

BTSB #: 257044 In Bindery

Dewey: 333.72/NAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 840

Subjects: Environmental protection Environmentalism Human influence on nature

Summary: Are you ready to save the planet? Learn all about environmental conservation with the ten little but powerful actions.

18.08 *

10 ideas to save the world with kindness [10 Ideas]by Fornasari, Eleonora 

BTSB Prebound(Starry Forest, 2021)

BTSB #: 346340 In Bindery

Dewey: 179/NAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 770

Subjects: Kindness Conduct of life Interpersonal relations

Summary: Ten little but powerful ideas depict actions we can each commit to in order to save the world-with kindness!

18.08 *

10 spooky pumpkins by Grimly, Gris 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Orchard Books, 2021)

BTSB #: 402647 In Bindery

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   

Genres: Holidays

Subjects: Halloween - Fiction Counting - Fiction Stories in rhyme

Summary: Join goblins, ghosts, witches, and more in this spooky countdown, as one little girl ventures out into the night for an unforgettable Halloween adventure!

21.58 *

100 Things To Know About Inventions by Gifford, Clive 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(HAPPY YAK)

BTSB #: 378518 Temp OS

Dewey: 500/NAges: 6-12   

Summary: Explores the amazing world of inventions in a quirky, thought-provoking way.

22.96 *

101 Ways To Help The Earth With Dr. Seuss's Lorax by Paul, Miranda 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Random House, Inc)

BTSB #: 704191 Temp OS

Dewey: 628/NAges: 5-9   

Summary: Narrated by the Lorax, this collection of 101 child-friendly ideas for helping the earth includes eco-friendly crafts, games, and suggestions on how to reduce, recycle, and reuse common household objects.

15.79 *

1619 Project: Born On The Water by Watson, Renee 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(KOKILA)

BTSB #: 922608 Temp OS

Dewey: 973/BAges: 5-8   

Summary: A young student receives a family tree assignment in school, but she can only trace back three generations. Grandma gathers the whole family, and the student learns that 400 years ago, in 1619, their ancestors were stolen and brought to America by white slave traders. But before that, they had a home, a land, a language. She learns how the people said to be born on the water survived.

22.28 *

A Is For Oboe: The Orchestra's Alphabet by Auerbach, Lera 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Dial Books)

BTSB #: 075559 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 7-9   

Summary: A is for the first note you hear as you take your seat in the concert hall, played by the headstrong oboe. B is for the bassoon, “the orchestra’s jester, complaining impatiently through his nose.” And C is for the conductor, “like the captain on the bridge of a great ship, navigating the composer’s musical charts.”

21.58 *

A-Okay by Greene, Jarad 

BTSB Prebound(HarperAlley, 2021)

BTSB #: 397203 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 10-14   

Subjects: Middle schools - Fiction School stories Interpersonal relations - Fiction Acne - Fiction Identity (Psychology) - Fiction Drawing - Fiction Graphic novels

Summary: Eighth grade for Jay isn't going the way he had in mind. Not only is he dealing with severe acne and the side effects of the prescription for it, all of his friends are in different classes, his best friend, Brace, spends all his free time with his new band, and Jay doesn't understand why two of his classmates (a boy and a girl) have crushes on him when his feelings aren't mutual for either one. Eighth grade is tough, but everything will be a-okay ... right? In graphic novel format.

18.08 *

Aaron Slater, Illustrator [Questioneers Volume: 5]by Beaty, Andrea 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Harry N. Abrams, Inc.)

BTSB #: 100448 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 5-7   

Summary: Introducing the fifth character from Miss Lila Greer’s second grade class at Blue River Creek Elementary!

22.28 *

Abe Lincoln's Hat by Brenner, Martha 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Random House, Inc)

BTSB #: 148746 Temp OS

Dewey: 973.7092/BAges: 3-7   

Summary: Fascinating anecdotes and broadened historical context enrich this biographical picture book that brings to life one of our nation's most revered presidents!

21.58 *

About Habitats: Tundras [About habitats]by Sill, Cathryn P. 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(PEACHTREE PUBLISHERS LTD.)

BTSB #: 817166 Temp OS

Dewey: 577/NAges: 3-7   
Lexile: 660 AD

Summary: An introduction to tundras, including where they are located, what kinds of animals and plants live there, and more.

20.88 *

Absolutely Nat [Nat enough Volume: Book 3]by Scrivan, Maria 

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic, 2021)

BTSB #: 793704 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   
Lexile: 500 GN

Subjects: Friendship - Fiction Camps - Fiction Summer - Fiction Self-realization - Fiction Humorous fiction Graphic novels

Summary: Natalie has just arrived at summer camp and soon realizes it isn't anything like the brochure. Instead of spending the summer with her best friends, Zoe and Flo, Natalie is stuck with her ex-BFF, Lily, and someone even more annoying than the endless mosquitoes: Millie Flatbottom. Even worse, she's constantly pushed out of her comfort zone and forced to come face-to-face with some of her greatest fears. Although summer camp isn't at all what Natalie expected, could it be exactly what she needs? In graphic novel format.

18.08 *

Ace Takes Flight by McCarthy, Cory 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(YOUNG READERS CURIOSITY STUDIO)

BTSB #: 618390 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Summary: Eleven-year-old Ace Wells’s dream has finally come true: he is a new cadet in the B.E.S.T. (Biological Enhancement Systems Technology) Program. Until now, he’s been living in the shadow of his superstar brother, Finn—but not for long.

20.88 *

Across The Desert by Bowling, Dusti 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Little Brown)

BTSB #: 140451 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Summary: While using a public library computer to find help for her mother who is addicted to pain medicine, twelve-year-old Jolene witnesses a friend's livestreamed crash-landing in the Arizona desert and embarks on a journey to rescue her.

20.88 *

Across The Rainbow Bridge: Stories Of Norse Gods And Humans by Crossley-Holland, Kevin 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Candlewick Studio)

BTSB #: 251280 Temp OS

Dewey: 398.2/NAges: 10-14   

Summary: Step back into a sweeping landscape of green glades and glaciers where dwarves, frost giants, and ghosts roam and where gods and goddesses work their magic for Middle Earth, sometimes crossing the great rainbow bridge to come to the aid of humans.

22.28 *

Ada and the galaxies by Lightman, Alan P. 

BTSB Prebound(MIT Kids Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 572898 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Family life - Fiction Vacations - Fiction Stars - Fiction Astronomy - Fiction

Summary: Ada knows that the best place for star-gazing is on the island in Maine where she vacations with her grandparents. By day, she tracks osprey in the trees, paddles a kayak, and hunts for shells. But she's most in her element when the sun goes down and the stars blink to life. Will the fog this year foil her plans, or will her grandfather find a way to shine a spotlight on the vast puzzle of the universe ... until the weather turns?

21.58 *

Adorable but deadly creatures [Killer Nature]by Hofer, Charles 

BTSB Prebound(Capstone Press, 2022)

BTSB #: 451108 Available

Dewey: 591.47/NAges: 8-11   
Lexile: 630 F&P: R

Subjects: Animal defenses Dangerous animals Animal behavior

Summary: With big eyes and ears and colorful bodies, a lot of creatures in nature look very cute. But don't be fooled by their adorable appearance. When provoked, these animals can easily injure or kill a person. Their defense mechanisms like poison and sharp teeth and claws can turn them from darling to deadly. Get ready to discover some of the world's cutest killers.

23.35 *

Africa, Amazing Africa: Country By Country by Atinuke 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Candlewick Press)

BTSB #: 074936 Temp OS

Dewey: 960/NAges: 7-10   

Summary: A Nigerian storyteller explores the continent of Africa country by country: its geography, peoples, animals, history, resources, and cultural diversity.

22.98 *

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