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57 bus by Slater, Dashka 

BTSB Prebound(Farrar Straus Giroux, 2017)

BTSB #: 823760 Available

Dewey: 364.15/NAges: 12-18   
AR: 6.5 MG+RC: 6.6 9-12 Lexile: 930

Subjects: Fleischman, Sasha Thomas, Richard,|d1997- Assault and battery - California Hate crimes - California Asexual people - California - Violence against Victims of crimes - California

Summary: A book for teens about race, class, gender, crime, and punishment tells the true story of an agender teen who was set on fire by another teen while riding a bus in Oakland, California.

21.58 *

Alan Cole doesn't dance [Alan Cole]by Bell, Eric 

BTSB Prebound(HarperCollins, 2018)

BTSB #: 105596 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
RC: 3.7 6-8 Lexile: 650

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Gays - Fiction Bullies - Fiction Friendship - Fiction Middle schools - Fiction School stories Family problems - Fiction Brothers - Fiction Dance parties - Fiction

Summary: As if it were not bad enough to be bullied for being gay while trying to navigate a budding relationship, Alan's father insists he take June Harrison to a school dance.

20.88 *

Alan Cole is not a coward [Alan Cole]by Bell, Eric 

BTSB Prebound(HarperCollins, 2017)

BTSB #: 105600 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.5 MG RC: 4.3 6-8 Lexile: 700

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Brothers - Fiction Family problems - Fiction Gays - Fiction Friendship - Fiction Middle schools - Fiction School stories.

Summary: Hoping to keep his older brother Nathan silent about his secret crush on another boy at their school, twelve-year-old Alan agrees to a ruthless sibling competition involving nearly impossible tasks--from standing up to their demanding father to getting a first kiss.

6.50 *

Ana on the edge by Sass, A. J. 

BTSB Prebound(Little, Brown, 2020)

BTSB #: 778842 Available

Dewey: FAges: 10-14   
F&P: X

Genres: Sports Family Life

Subjects: Ice skating - Fiction Gender identity - Fiction Family life - Fiction Friendship - Fiction

Summary: Twelve-year-old figure skater Ana strives to win competitions while learning about gender identity--Ana's own and that of a new friend--and how to navigate the best path forward.

20.88 *

Deep & dark blue by Smith, Niki 

BTSB Prebound(Little, Brown, 2020)

BTSB #: 827246 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   
AR: 3 MG

Subjects: Magic - Fiction Twins - Fiction Brothers - Fiction Kings and rulers - Fiction Transgender people - Fiction Graphic novels

Summary: Royal sons Hawke and Grayson flee to stay alive. They take refuge disguised as girls with the Communion of Blue, an order of magical women who spin the threads of reality to their will. In graphic novel format.

18.08 *

Drum roll, please by Bigelow, Lisa Jenn 

BTSB Prebound(Harper, 2018)

BTSB #: 119744 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.4 MG RC: 3.5 6-8 Lexile: 630 HL

Genres: Humorous Fiction

Subjects: Drums - Fiction Music camps - Fiction Infatuation - Fiction Lesbians - Fiction Family life - Fiction Friendship - Fiction

Summary: Melly only joined the school band because her best friend, Olivia, begged her to. But to her surprise, quiet Melly loves playing the drums. It's the only time she doesn't feel like a mouse. Now she and Olivia are about to spend the next two weeks at Camp Rockaway, jamming under the stars in the Michigan woods. But this summer brings a lot of big changes for Melly: her parents split up, her best friend ditches her, and Melly finds herself unexpectedly falling for another girl at camp. To top it all off, Melly's not sure she has what it takes to be a real rock 'n' roll drummer. Will she be able to make music from all the noise in her heart?

20.88 *

Family Fletcher takes Rock Island by Levy, Dana Alison 

BTSB Prebound(Delacorte Press, 2016)

BTSB #: 567579 Available

Dewey: FAges: 9-12   
AR: 4.7 MG RC: 4.5 3-5 Lexile: 730 F&P: V

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Family life - Fiction Summer - Fiction Lighthouses - Fiction Neighbors - Fiction Gay fathers - Fiction Humorous fiction

Summary: Summertime brings the Fletcher Family back to Rock Island where the good times never end, but this summer the boys' favorite lighthouse is all boarded up and with help from their new neighbors, the Garcia girls, the boys are determined to find out what is really happening with their lighthouse and saving it, no matter what the cost.

20.88 *

Flight of the puffin by Braden, Ann 

BTSB Prebound(Nancy Paulsen, 2021)

BTSB #: 143204 Available

Dewey: FAges: 10-14   

Genres: General Fiction

Subjects: Encouragement - Fiction Self-acceptance - Fiction Bullies - Fiction Homeless persons - Fiction Gender identity - Fiction

Summary: Told in multiple voices, seventh-grader Libby sets off a chain of events that brings hope and encouragement to four different individuals across the country who are dealing with bullies, acceptance, homelessness, and grief.

21.58 *

Gay rights movement [Movements that matter]by Braun, Eric 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2019)

BTSB #: 147290 Available

Dewey: 323.3/NAges: 9-13   
AR: 7.1 MG Lexile: 1150 F&P: Z

Subjects: Gay rights - United States - History Gay liberation movement - United States - History

Summary: Presents an engaging, historic look at the LGBTQ rights movement and guides readers along the trials and triumphs of this important cause all the way through to modern-day struggles for equal rights.

28.58 *

Hazel Bly and the deep blue sea by Blake, Ashley Herring 

BTSB Prebound(Little, Brown, 2021)

BTSB #: 124309 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Mother-daughter relationship - Fiction Lesbian mothers - Fiction Sisters - Fiction Loss (Psychology) - Fiction Maine - Fiction

Summary: For two years, twelve-year-old Hazel has coped with her Mum's accidental death by overprotecting her sister and Mama, but when Mama reconnects with her first love, roles begin to shift.

20.88 *

High five for Glenn Burke by Bildner, Phil 

BTSB Prebound(Farrar Straus Giroux, 2020)

BTSB #: 119809 Available

Dewey: FAges: 10-13   
AR: 4.1 MG Lexile: 690

Genres: Sports

Subjects: Burke, Glenn - Fiction Baseball - Fiction School stories Coming out (Sexual orientation) - Fiction Gays - Fiction Best friends - Fiction Friendship - Fiction Family life - Fiction

Summary: After researching Glenn Burke, the first major league baseball player to come out as gay, sixth-grader Silas Wade slowly comes out to his best friend Zoey, then his coach, with unexpected consequences.

20.88 *

Home for goddesses and dogs by Connor, Leslie 

BTSB Prebound(HarperCollins, 2020)

BTSB #: 235923 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4 MG Lexile: 570 HL

Genres: Family Life Animals

Subjects: Grief - Fiction Aunts - Fiction Lesbians - Fiction Dogs - Fiction Family life - Connecticut - Fiction Connecticut - Fiction

Summary: After the death of her mother, Lydia moves in with her aunts and learns to find a new family of inspiring women and loving dogs.

Hurricane child by Callender, Kacen 

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic Press, 2018)

BTSB #: 183858 Available

Dewey: FAges: 11-14   
AR: 5.3 MG RC: 8.6 6-8 Lexile: 1010

Genres: Adventure Fiction Multicultural

Subjects: African Americans - Fiction Mother-daughter relationship - Fiction Missing persons - Fiction Friendship - Fiction Lesbians - Fiction Hurricanes - Fiction

Summary: Born on Water Island in the Virgin Islands during a hurricane, which is considered bad luck, twelve-year-old Caroline falls in love with another girl--and together they set out in a hurricane to find Caroline's missing mother.

21.58 *

Inside the LGBTQ+ movement [Eyewitness to history. Major cultural movements]by Lombardo, Jennifer 

BTSB Prebound(Gareth Stevens, 2018)

BTSB #: 584643 Available

Dewey: 306.76/NAges: 9-12   
RC: 4.7 3-5

Subjects: Lesbians Gays Transgender people Homosexuality Gay rights movement

Summary: The first American gay rights organization formed in 1924, but was soon pressured to disband. Another wouldn't form until the 1950s. The history of the U. S. movement to achieve progressive rights for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, or queer is full of stops and starts and victories and tragedies, but also hope for the future.

16.34 *

Ivy Aberdeen's letter to the world by Blake, Ashley Herring 

BTSB Prebound(Little, Brown, 2018)

BTSB #: 124304 Available

Dewey: FAges: 12-14   
AR: 4.9 MG RC: 4.5 6-8 Lexile: 740 F&P: Z

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Family life - Fiction Friendship - Fiction Artists - Fiction Lesbians - Fiction Coming out (Sexual orientation) - Fiction Tornadoes - Fiction

Summary: Twelve-year-old Ivy Aberdeen's house is destroyed in a tornado, and in the aftermath of the storm, she begins to develop feelings for another girl at school.

20.88 *

Jo : an adaptation of Little Women (sort of) by Gros, Kathleen 

BTSB Prebound(Quill Tree Books/HarperAlley, 2020)

BTSB #: 404824 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Sisters - Fiction Family life - Fiction Lesbian teenagers - Fiction Authorship - Fiction Newspapers - Fiction Interpersonal relations - Fiction Graphic novels

Summary: When she starts eighth grade, Jo March thinks writing for the school newspaper will be just what she needs to hone her writing skills as she and her three sisters cope with their dad's deployment overseas and their mom working overtime to keep their household going. But she doesn't expect the new boy next door to have feelings for her, especially since she has feelings for Freddie, the girl who recruited her to the school newspaper. In graphic novel format.

18.08 *

Lily and Dunkin by Gephart, Donna 

BTSB Prebound(Delacorte Press, 2016)

BTSB #: 375339 Available

Dewey: FAges: 12-16   
AR: 4.3 MG+RC: 4.2 6-8 Lexile: 680 F&P: Z

Subjects: Friendship - Fiction Transgender people - Fiction Manic-depressive illness - Fiction Mental illness - Fiction Middle schools - Fiction School stories Florida - Fiction

Summary: Lily Jo McGrother, born Timothy McGrother, is a girl. But being a girl is not so easy when you look like a boy. Especially when you're in the eighth-grade. Norbert Dorfman, nicknamed Dunkin Dorfman, is bipolar and has just moved from the New Jersey town he's called home for the past thirteen years. This would be hard enough, but the fact that he is also hiding from a painful secret makes it even worse. One summer morning, Lily Jo McGrother meets Dunkin Dorfman, and their lives forever change.

List of things that will not change by Stead, Rebecca 

BTSB Prebound(Wendy Lamb Books, 2020)

BTSB #: 844468 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.2 MG Lexile: 680

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Divorce - Fiction Gay fathers - Fiction Families - Fiction Weddings - Fiction Remarriage - Fiction

Summary: Despite her parents' divorce, her father's coming out as gay, and his plans to marry his boyfriend, ten-year-old Bea is reassured by her parents' unconditional love, excited about getting a stepsister, and haunted by something she did last summer at her father's lake house.

20.88 *

Lotterys more or less [Lotterys]by Donoghue, Emma 

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic, 2018)

BTSB #: 286092 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 5.8 MG RC: 5.5 3-5 Lexile: 850

Genres: Holidays Family Life

Subjects: Family life - Canada - Fiction Gay parents - Fiction Siblings - Fiction Holidays - Fiction Ice storms - Fiction Toronto (Ont.) - Fiction

Summary: Nine-year-old Sumac Lottery considers it her job to make sure none of the Lottery celebrations are forgotten, especially now at Christmas time, and in her large, gay, and multiethnic family there are a lot of occasions for celebration in the house they all call Camelottery--but when a terrible ice storm hits Toronto, one of her dads, and her favorite brother cannot make it home from India, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hang on to the holiday spirit.

21.58 *

Love, Penelope by Rocklin, Joanne 

BTSB Prebound(Amulet Books, 2018)

BTSB #: 761261 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 5.1 MG F&P: Z

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Siblings - Fiction Letters - Fiction Pregnancy - Fiction Lesbian mothers - Fiction School stories Family life - California - Oakland - Fiction Oakland (Calif.) - Fiction

Summary: Fifth-grader Penny writes a series of letters to her future sibling, including facts about their Oakland, California, home, questions about whether their moms will ever marry, and especially that he or she is loved.

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