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Australia's pink lakes [Nature's Mysteries (Abdo)]by Hutchison, Patricia 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2021)

BTSB #: 475447 Available

Dewey: 910.02/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.9 LG Lexile: 730

Subjects: Lakes Salt lakes Microalgae Curiosities and wonders Geography

Summary: An introduction to the many pink lakes found in Australia and how this natural phenomenon came to be.

24.16 *

Best & buzz worthy 2017 : world records, trending topics, and viral moments by O'Brien, Cynthia 

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic, 2016)

BTSB #: 788392 Available

Dewey: 31/RAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Find out the biggest and best moments in pop culture, sports, technology, science, nature, and more.

6.50 *

Bill Nye's great big world of science by Nye, Bill 

BTSB Prebound(Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2020)

BTSB #: 684247 Available

Dewey: 500/NAges: 10-14   
F&P: Y

Subjects: Science Curiosities and wonders Science - Experiments

Summary: A science educator sets out to help kids understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work. Featuring a range of subjects-physics, chemistry, geology, biology, astronomy, global warming, and more, covering the basic principles of each science, key discoveries, recent revolutionary advances, and the problems that science still needs to solve for our Earth.

30.48 *

Blowfish [Weird And Wonderful Animals (Pop!)]by Bassier, Emma 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2020)

BTSB #: 095714 Available

Dewey: 597.64/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.7 LG Lexile: 670

Subjects: Puffers (Fish) Curiosities and wonders Fishes - Behavior Marine animals

Summary: An introduction to blowfish, including habitat, adaptations, life cycle, and more.

24.16 *

Brain candy 2 : seriously sweet facts to satisfy your curiosity by Hargrave, Kelly 

Paperback(National Geographic, 2020)

BTSB #: 418930 Available

Dewey: 31.02/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders Science - Miscellanea Children's questions and answers

Summary: Takes a deep dive into numbers, fun facts, and cool trivia on all kinds of topics.

7.37 *

Can you hear a penguin fart on mars? : and other excellent questions [Jop And Blip Wanna Know Volume: #1]by Benton, Jim 

BTSB Prebound(HarperAlley, 2021)

BTSB #: 111671 Available

Dewey: 1/NAges: 6-9   
AR: 3 LG

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders Questions and answers - Comic books, strips, etc Robots - Fiction Wit and humor - Comic books, strips, etc

Summary: Join Jop and Blip, two curious robots, as they follow their curiosity and investigate these seemingly odd questions using their own brand of logic, history, critical thinking skills, STEM knowledge, and humor. In graphic novel format.

15.79 *

China's Tianzi Mountain [Nature's Mysteries (Abdo)]by Vilardi, Debbie 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2021)

BTSB #: 909496 Available

Dewey: 910.02/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 4.1 LG Lexile: 670

Subjects: Mountains Geologic erosion Curiosities and wonders Mystery Geography Tianzi Mountain (China)

Summary: An introduction to the stunning stone pillars found in China and how these otherworldly features came to be.

24.16 *

Disgusting foods [That's Disgusting!]by Mattern, Joanne 

BTSB Prebound(Kaleidoscope, 2021)

BTSB #: 613275 Available

Dewey: 641.3/NAges: 7-11   

Subjects: Eating customs Aversion Local foods Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Readers will get a close-up look at all sorts of disgusting foods through vivid images, and more.

23.46 *

Extreme comparisons by Graham, Ian 

BTSB Prebound(Book House, 2014)

BTSB #: 558454 Available

Dewey: 600/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Size Strength Speed Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Takes a look at the "biggest, strongest, fastest" in both technology and the animal world.

6.50 *

Extremely gross animals : stinky, slimy and strange animal adaptations by Eamer, Claire 

BTSB Prebound(Kids Can Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 299663 In Bindery

Dewey: 591.4/NAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 1060

Subjects: Animals - Adaptation Aversion - Miscellanea Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Describes more than 30 animals-the grossest of the gross-and explores how their habitats, as revolting as they might be, help them thrive.

22.08 *

Factastic : a LEGO adventure in the real world

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic, 2016)

BTSB #: 320898 Available

Dewey: 1/NAges: 8-12   
Lexile: 810

Subjects: LEGO toys Curiosities and wonders

Summary: A LEGO adventure through every subject under the Sun, from science and tech through nature and history.

23.48 *

Fun facts about big cats [Dash! Leveled readers. 2, Animal fun facts]by Murray, Julie 

BTSB Prebound(Abdo Zoom, 2022)

BTSB #: 665364 Available

Dewey: 599.75/NAges: 6-8   
AR: 2.3 LG Lexile: 490

Subjects: Wild cats Phantom cats Curiosities and wonders Animal behavior

Summary: Lions, tigers, and leopards, oh my! Explore quick, fun facts about your favorite big cats.

24.16 *

Guinness World Records : daring dogs [I can read book. Level 2]by Meister, Cari 

BTSB Prebound(Harper, 2016)

BTSB #: 635646 Available

Dewey: 636.7/NAges: 4-8   
AR: 3.9 LG Lexile: 620 AD

Subjects: Dogs Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Most dogs can sit and fetch, but the tricks and traits of these awe-inspiring pooches go above and beyond to earn them their very own Guinness World Records.

14.29 *

Guinness world records : man-made marvels! by Lemke, Donald B. 

BTSB Prebound(HarperCollins, 2016)

BTSB #: 559689 Available

Dewey: 620/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders

Summary: All about marvelous buildings, vehicles, machinery, and the people who dared to dream big by building them!

18.58 *

Maldives' Sea of Stars [Nature's Mysteries (Abdo)]by Hutchison, Patricia 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2021)

BTSB #: 475457 Available

Dewey: 910.02/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.9 LG Lexile: 670

Subjects: Lakes Phytoplankton Bioluminescence Curiosities and wonders Geography Maldives

Summary: An introduction to the stunning Sea of Stars in the Maldives and how tiny organisms light up the water each night.

24.16 *

Namibia's fairy circles [Nature's Mysteries (Abdo)]by Lilley, Matt 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2021)

BTSB #: 573414 Available

Dewey: 910.02/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.9 LG Lexile: 670

Subjects: Termites Desert ecology Geography Curiosities and wonders Mystery Namibia

Summary: An introduction to the many fairy circles in Namibia and the debate about what causes this natural phenomenon.

24.16 *

National Geographic kids almanac 2022 [National Geographic kids]

BTSB Prebound(National Geographic, 2021)

BTSB #: 667884 Available

Dewey: 31/NAges: 8-12   

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders Almanacs Statistics - Miscellanea

Summary: Kids can have fun keeping up with our quickly changing world with the New York Times best-selling almanac, packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, adventures with National Geographic Explorers, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, conservation, and more.

19.98 *

Odd bods : the world's unusual animals by Murphy, Julie 

BTSB Prebound(Millbrook Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 665118 Available

Dewey: 591/NAges: 5-8   
Lexile: 900

Subjects: Animals - Adaptation Animals - Anatomy Curiosities and wonders

Summary: Long snouts, bright-red lips, pointy heads ... the animal kingdom is full of critters with unique features. Learn about the incredible adaptations that help these creatures--and their odd bods--survive and thrive all around the globe!

24.18 *

Peru's Rainbow Mountain [Nature's Mysteries (Abdo)]by Hamby, Rachel 

BTSB Prebound(Pop!, 2021)

BTSB #: 415686 Available

Dewey: 910.02/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.7 LG Lexile: 560

Subjects: Mountains Soil mineralogy Geology - Peru Curiosities and wonders Mystery Andes

Summary: An introduction to the colorful Rainbow Mountain in Peru and how this natural phenomenon came to be.

24.16 *

Scholastic book of world records 2022

BTSB Prebound(Scholastic, 2021)

BTSB #: 788418 Available

Dewey: 31/RAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 1260 NC

Subjects: Curiosities and wonders World records Statistics - Miscellanea Comparison (Philosophy)

Summary: The world's most inspiring, awesome records, social media trends, and stats in pop culture, science, technology, nature, sports, medicine, and more.

18.58 *

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