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About habitats : grasslands [About habitats]by Sill, Cathryn P. 

BTSB Prebound(Peachtree, 2018)

BTSB #: 817261 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 3-7   
AR: 2.2 LG Lexile: 480 AD F&P: J

Subjects: Grasslands Grassland ecology

Summary: Introduces different types of grasslands around the world, describing their different climates and the survival adaptations that animals and plants must make to live in them.

20.86 *

Crayola grassland colors [Crayola Colorful Biomes]by Lindeen, Mary 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2021)

BTSB #: 574375 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 5-8   

Subjects: Grassland ecology Grassland animals Grassland plants Color

Summary: From the green American prairies to the yellow African savannas, take a trip to the different grasslands of the world and explore the colors of this fascinating biome.

23.68 *

Grassland biomes [Earth's natural biomes]by Spilsbury, Louise 

BTSB Prebound(Crabtree, 2018)

BTSB #: 840164 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 8-11   
Lexile: 1040

Subjects: Grassland ecology Grasslands Grassland conservation

Summary: Gives readers core information about grassland biomes on prairies, steppes, pampas, and savannahs. Find out where each kind is found, how animals and plants have adapted to life on open grassland, who lives in these environments, and how humans impact life there.

15.96 *

Map and track grasslands [Map And Track Biomes & Animals]by Dickmann, Nancy 

BTSB Prebound(Crabtree, 2019)

BTSB #: 278103 Available

Dewey: 551.45/NAges: 9-12   
Lexile: 950

Subjects: Grasslands Grassland ecology

Summary: Some of the world's most interesting animals--lions, cheetahs, and bison--live on grasslands. Introduces readers to this fascinating but constantly threatened landscape.

15.77 *

Praderas [Bullfrog books. Ecosistemas]by Higgins, Nadia 

BTSB PreboundSPANISH(Bullfrog Books, 2018)

BTSB #: 443408 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 4-7   
AR: 1.4 LG Lexile: 210

Genres: Spanish Bilingual

Subjects: Grassland ecology Grasslands Spanish language - Reading materials

Summary: Photographs take beginning readers on a tour of both a prairie and a savanna to learn about this important ecosystem and the variety of living things adapted to live there. In Spanish.

21.56 *

Prairie dog song : the key to saving North America's grasslands by Roth, Susan L. 

BTSB Prebound(Lee & Low Books, 2016)

BTSB #: 767477 Available

Dewey: 599.36/NAges: 6-10   
AR: 5.7 LG RC: 8.4 K-2 Lexile: 1050 AD F&P: T

Subjects: Prairie dogs Grassland ecology Grassland animals Children's songs - Texts

Summary: Cumulative text based on an old folksong alternating with additional scientific information explores the role of prairie dogs, a keystone species in North America's grasslands, and conservation efforts to restore the balance of plants and animals of the Janos, Mexico, prairie dog complex.

Prairie that nature built by Lorbiecki, Marybeth 

BTSB Prebound(Dawn, 2014)

BTSB #: 586882 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 4-8   
AR: 5.1 LG RC: 10.5 K-2 Lexile: 940

Subjects: Prairie ecology Grassland ecology Prairie animals

Summary: Nature on the prairie, including both wildlife and wildfire, is a rich and closely knit ecosystem, as reflected in the interlocking verses of this simple story. Endnotes present facts, activities, related games, and resources.

Seasons of the grassland biome [Biomes]by Duke, Shirley Smith 

BTSB Prebound(Rourke Educational Media, 2014)

BTSB #: 294238 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 5-8   
AR: 3.8 LG Lexile: 640

Subjects: Grassland ecology

Summary: Explores plants and animals found in the rich grasslands across the world.

15.27 *

Who needs a prairie? : a grassland ecosystem [Ecosystem series]by Patkau, Karen 

BTSB Prebound(Tundra Books, 2014)

BTSB #: 703488 Available

Dewey: 577.4/NAges: 7-10   

Subjects: Grasslands Grassland ecology

Summary: Takes readers on an amazing voyage of discovery to find out how wild and rugged prairies become grasslands, what wildlife and plants thrive in large open spaces, why we need prairies, and much more.

21.58 *

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