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Artificial eyes [Tech bytes]by Sheen, Barbara 

BTSB Prebound(Norwood House Press, 2017)

BTSB #: 809464 Available

Dewey: 617.7/NAges: 8-11   
AR: 5.9 MG Lexile: 860 F&P: V

Subjects: Artificial eyes Medical technology Medical innovations Vision

Summary: Describes the invention and development of Artificial Eyes. Explores trials and tribulations along with the technological advances seen today.

22.96 *

Blink! by Boyle, Doe 

BTSB Prebound(Whitman, 2020)

BTSB #: 141429 Available

Dewey: 612.8/NAges: 6-9   

Subjects: Eye Anatomy Vision

Summary: Fast or slow, sometimes, frequently, other times, rarely. Eyes that work together, eyes that work separately from each other. Eyes that swivel, eyes that see 360 degrees, eyes that see like telescopes. Every living animal blinks.

Eye by eye : comparing how animals see [Animal By Animal]by Levine, Sara 

BTSB Prebound(Millbrook Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 566939 Available

Dewey: 573.8/NAges: 5-8   
F&P: O

Subjects: Eye Vision Comparative anatomy

Summary: This playful picture book will keep readers guessing as they find out how animal eyes are like-and unlike-those of starfish, owls, slugs, and more!

22.98 *

Glasses [Eureka! The Biography Of An Idea]by Houran, Lori Haskins 

BTSB Prebound(Kane Press, 2021)

BTSB #: 465042 Available

Dewey: 617.7/NAges: 4-8   
Lexile: 600 AD

Subjects: Eyeglasses Vision Lenses

Summary: A nonfiction 'biography' of glasses, an everyday object that has become ubiquitous, starting with the discovery of the magnifying properties of glass through the development of the eye chart, plastic lenses, and contact lenses.

13.99 *

How animals see [Science of senses]by Mattern, Joanne 

BTSB Prebound(Cavendish Square, 2019)

BTSB #: 613276 Available

Dewey: 573.8/NAges: 7-11   
AR: 3.9 LG

Subjects: Vision Eye Senses and sensation Animals

Summary: Important and exciting facts about how animals see, including how animals' eyes are constructed, how they work in different environments, how different animals use sight to stay safe, find food, and more.

16.40 *

Inside the eyes [Super simple body]by Halvorson, Karin 

BTSB Prebound(ABDO, 2013)

BTSB #: 415508 Available

Dewey: 612.8/NAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.4 LG Lexile: 590

Subjects: Eye Vision

Summary: A fun and easy introduction to how eyes work.

22.26 *

Science of invisibility and X-ray vision [Science of superpowers]by Scirri, Kaitlin 

BTSB Prebound(Cavendish Square, 2019)

BTSB #: 792405 Available

Dewey: 502/NAges: 8-12   
AR: 5.7 MG

Subjects: Invisibility Science - Miscellanea X-rays Vision Animals - Adaptations

Summary: Explores the scientists who have worked and continue to work to make these superpowers a reality, and the science behind invisibility and X-ray vision, and how they play a role in the technology of today and tomorrow.

18.04 *

Vision : nearsightedness, farsightedness, and more [Lightning bolt books. What traits are in your genes?]by Boothroyd, Jennifer 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2013)

BTSB #: 134601 Available

Dewey: 612.8/NAges: 5-8   
RC: 3.5 K-2 Lexile: 550 F&P: O

Subjects: Vision Vision disorders

Summary: Explores nearsightedness and farsightedness and explains how vision works.

Why does a mirror show things backwards? : and other questions about light [Question Of Science]by Claybourne, Anna 

BTSB Prebound(Crabtree, 2021)

BTSB #: 220313 Available

Dewey: 535/NAges: 8-12   
Lexile: 740

Subjects: Light Vision Physics

Summary: Answers intriguing questions about the science of light, and much more.

16.27 *

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