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All about teachers [Sesame Street Loves Community Helpers]by Boothroyd, Jennifer 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2021)

BTSB #: 134463 Available

Dewey: 371.102/NAges: 4-8   

Subjects: Teachers Education Schools

Summary: Elmo loves his teachers! They help make his community smarter, stronger, and kinder. Favorite Sesame Street Muppets invite you along to learn all about teachers in this friendly approach to key-curricular content.

23.56 *

Aprendo de mi maestro = I learn from my teacher [Lo que aprendo = The things I learn]by Hamilton, Robert M. 

BTSB PreboundBILINGUAL(PowerKids, 2017)

BTSB #: 415864 Available

Dewey: 370.5/NAges: 4-6   

Genres: Spanish Bilingual

Subjects: Learning Teachers Schools Bilingual books - English-Spanish

Summary: Experience a day in Mister Diaz's classroom and discover some of the important things students can learn from teachers. In Spanish and English.

25.39 *

Awesome, disgusting, unusual facts about school [Hi jinx. Our gross, awesome world]by Braun, Eric 

BTSB Prebound(Black Rabbit, 2019)

BTSB #: 147279 Available

Dewey: 371.01/NAges: 7-9   
AR: 3.4 MG Lexile: 560

Subjects: Schools

Summary: Shares awesome, disgusting, and unusual facts about school through conversational text and creative images.

23.54 *

Best friends by Hale, Shannon 

BTSB Prebound(First Second, 2019)

BTSB #: 411952 Available

Dewey: 302.34/BAges: 8-12   
AR: 2.9 MG RC: 3.3 3-5 Lexile: 380 GN

Subjects: Hale, Shannon - Childhood and youth Women - Biography Friendship Schools Identity (Psychology) Biographical comic books, strips, etc

Summary: Sixth grade is supposed to be perfect. Shannon's got a sure spot in the in-crowd called The Group, and her best friend is their leader, Jen, the most popular girl in school. But the rules are always changing, and Shannon has to scramble to keep up. She never knows which TV shows are cool, what songs to listen to, and who she's allowed to talk to. Who makes these rules, anyway? And does Shannon have to follow them? In graphic novel format.

17.96 *

Es hora de ir a la escuela [Que hora es?]by Esquivel, Rosaura 

BTSB PreboundSPANISH(PowerKids, 2018)

BTSB #: 315261 Available

Dewey: 372/NAges: 4-7   
AR: 1.8 LG

Genres: Spanish Bilingual

Subjects: Schools Spanish language - Reading materials

Summary: An introduction to basic time telling skills. In Spanish.

15.30 *

Katie Woo's silly school jokes [Katie Woo's joke books]

BTSB Prebound(Picture Window Books, 2017)

BTSB #: 602173 Available

Dewey: 818/NAges: 5-8   
Lexile: 580

Subjects: Schools Education Riddles

Summary: Katie Woo loves to make her teacher Miss Winkle laugh with this collection of school-themed jokes. You can make your classmates giggle too with knock-knocks, riddles, and more. At the end of the book be sure and check out Katie's joke-telling tips and helpful glossary.

19.31 *

My school community [Zoom in on communities]by Summers, Portia 

BTSB Prebound(Enslow, 2017)

BTSB #: 865046 Available

Dewey: 307.74/NAges: 6-9   
AR: 3.9 LG

Subjects: Schools Classrooms

Summary: Teachers, children, principals, and nurses--these are just a few of the people who live and work in a school community. Young readers will get to know all about these people and their role in the community.

6.50 *

My school in 2055 [My Life In 2055]by Lewis, Carrie 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2021)

BTSB #: 568486 Available

Dewey: 371/NAges: 6-9   
Lexile: 760

Subjects: Schools Education - Effect of technological innovations on Educational change

Summary: In the school of the future, children might use tech such as interactive screens, holo projectors, and virtual reality to set their own pace and make learning personalized.

23.56 *

On the job at school [On the job (Red Chair Press)]by Cohn, Jessica 

BTSB Prebound(Red Chair Press, 2017)

BTSB #: 226346 Available

Dewey: 371.0023/NAges: 7-10   
Lexile: 690 F&P: S

Subjects: Schools

Summary: You may think you know who keeps your school running. You know teachers and coaches, but there are many important careers in education.

6.50 *

School days around the world [Around the world]by Ruurs, Margriet 

BTSB Prebound(Kids Can Press, 2015)

BTSB #: 773686 Available

Dewey: 371/NAges: 3-7   
Lexile: 680 AD

Subjects: Schools School days

Summary: Visit with fourteen children, each from a different country, to learn about their typical day at school.

6.50 *

School life = la vida escolar [Comparing Countries = Compara Paises]by Crewe, Sabrina 

BTSB PreboundBILINGUAL(Crabtree, 2020)

BTSB #: 249817 Available

Dewey: 371/NAges: 6-9   
Lexile: 750

Subjects: Schools Bilingual books - English-Spanish

Summary: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school in another country? This Spanish and English dual-language book takes you around the world to compare how children get to school, what they learn there, how they have fun, and even what they eat for lunch! In English and Spanish.

16.15 *

Schools past and present [Bumba books. Past and present]by Dinmont, Kerry 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2019)

BTSB #: 280272 Available

Dewey: 371/NAges: 4-6   
AR: 1.6 LG Lexile: 450 F&P: J

Subjects: Schools Schools - History

Summary: Compares and contrasts what schools were like in the past to schools of the present!

27.53 *

Think like a scientist in the gym [Science explorer junior]by Taylor-Butler, Christine 

BTSB Prebound(Cherry Lake, 2012)

BTSB #: 874079 Available

Dewey: 507.8/NAges: 8-12   
Lexile: 510

Subjects: Physics Schools

Summary: Presents a variety of fun science experiments using basic gym equipment.

6.50 *

Time for school [My world your world]by Lawrence, Ellen 

BTSB Prebound(Ruby Tuesday Books, 2015)

BTSB #: 551792 Available

Dewey: 370/NAges: 6-9   
AR: 4.1 LG Lexile: 650

Subjects: Schools Education

Summary: Some classrooms are inside a large school building. Others are just a single hut in a rain forest or dusty desert. Some students do their schoolwork on computers or tablets, while others write on chalkboards or in the dusty soil. Presents insight into school life around the world. Readers will also meet some young children who must work to help their families survive, and for whom school is only a distant dream.

6.50 *

World's best (and worst) school jokes [Laugh your socks off!]by Rusick, Jessica 

BTSB Prebound(Lerner, 2020)

BTSB #: 771848 Available

Dewey: 818/NAges: 6-9   
Lexile: 520 IG

Subjects: Schools Education Wit and humor

Summary: What is a math teacher's favorite dessert? Pi! Show off your wit to your classmates with these hilarious jokes about school.

22.86 *

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