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7 ate 9 : the untold story by Lazar, Tara 

BTSB Prebound(Disney/Hyperion, 2017)

BTSB #: 553322 In Bindery

Dewey: EAges: 3-7   
AR: 2.5 LG Lexile: 530 AD

Genres: Humorous Fiction

Subjects: Natural numbers - Fiction Counting Mystery fiction Humorous fiction

Summary: When 7 is accused of eating 9, worried 6 hires a detective to investigate.

22.08 *

After the fall : how Humpty Dumpty got back up again by Santat, Dan 

BTSB Prebound(Roaring Brook Press, 2017)

BTSB #: 776909 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
AR: 2.6 LG RC: 2.2 K-2 Lexile: 550 AD

Genres: Fairy Tales

Subjects: Characters and characteristics in literature - Fiction Determination - Fiction Fear - Fiction

Summary: After falling off the wall, Humpty Dumpty is very afraid of climbing up again, but is determined not to let fear stop him from being close to the birds.

22.78 *

Alfie : (the turtle that disappeared) by Heder, Thyra 

BTSB Prebound(Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 434033 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
AR: 2.5 LG RC: 1.6 K-2 Lexile: 490 AD

Genres: Animals

Subjects: Turtles as pets - Fiction Birthdays - Fiction Gifts - Fiction African Americans - Fiction

Summary: Told from the perspective of both the girl, Nia, and her pet turtle, Alfie, and describes what happens when he disappears on the eve of her seventh birthday to find her a special present.

22.78 *

All's faire in middle school by Jamieson, Victoria 

BTSB Prebound(Dial Books for Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 487521 Available

Dewey: 741.5/NAges: 9-12   
AR: 3.4 MG RC: 3.5 3-5 Lexile: 460 GN F&P: V

Subjects: Graphic novels Renaissance fairs - Fiction Middle schools - Fiction School stories Family life - Fiction Friendship - Fiction

Summary: Homeschooled by Renaissance Fair enthusiasts, eleven-year-old Imogene has a hard time fitting in when her wish to enroll in public school is granted.

17.64 *

Bad seed [Food Group]by John, Jory 

BTSB Prebound(Harper, 2017)

BTSB #: 492166 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
AR: 2 LG RC: 1.3 K-2 Lexile: 390 AD

Genres: Humorous Fiction

Subjects: Seeds - Fiction Conduct of life - Fiction Human behavior - Fiction

Summary: The bad seed changes his mind about being bad and decides that he wants to be happy.

Before she was Harriet by Cline-Ransome, Lesa 

BTSB Prebound(Holiday House, 2019)

BTSB #: 222880 Available

Dewey: 973.7115/BAges: 5-8   
AR: 4.5 LG Lexile: NP

Subjects: Tubman, Harriet,|d1820?-1913 Slaves African Americans - Biography African American women - Biography Underground Railroad

Summary: Poetry that celebrates the diverse accomplishments of Harriet Tubman as revealed by her many names.

Bob, not Bob! by Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton 

BTSB Prebound(Disney/Hyperion, 2017)

BTSB #: 908551 Available

Dewey: EAges: 3-5   
AR: 2.2 LG RC: 1.7 K-2 Lexile: 500 AD

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Cold (Disease) - Fiction Sick - Fiction Mother-child relationship - Fiction Humorous fiction.

Summary: When a young boy gets a cold, he just wants his mommy. But his stuffy nose makes it difficult for him to call out to his mom--not 'Bob,' who happens to be the family dog.

Boy called Bat [Boy called Bat Volume: 1]by Arnold, Elana K. 

BTSB Prebound(Walden Pond Press, 2017)

BTSB #: 069886 In Bindery

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.6 LG RC: 4.6 3-5 Lexile: 760 F&P: R

Genres: Humorous Fiction Family Life

Subjects: Autism - Fiction Skunks as pets - Fiction Wildlife rehabilitation - Fiction

Summary: Book 1--Bat has been a bit too busy in his autism-focused classroom at school to find a real friend. And he's got one month to show his mom that a baby skunk might just make a pretty terrific pet.

Can an aardvark bark? by Stewart, Melissa 

BTSB Prebound(Beach Lane Books, 2017)

BTSB #: 854327 Available

Dewey: 591.59/NAges: 3-8   
AR: 4.1 LG RC: 4.4 K-2 Lexile: 720

Subjects: Animal sounds Animal communication

Summary: A non-fiction look at the sounds that animals make and the reasons behind them.

Caroline's comets : a true story by McCully, Emily Arnold 

BTSB Prebound(Holiday House, 2017)

BTSB #: 622404 Available

Dewey: 520.92/BAges: 4-8   
AR: 4.7 LG RC: 4.3 3-5 Lexile: 800 AD

Subjects: Herschel, Caroline Lucretia,|d1750-1848 Herschel, William,|d1738-1822 Women astronomers Astronomers Women scientists Scientists Discoveries in science Comets

Summary: Caroline Herschel was the first woman to discover a comet and the first woman to be paid as a scientist.

Case in any case [Detective Gordon Volume: bk. 3]by Nilsson, Ulf 

BTSB Prebound(Gecko Press, 2017)

BTSB #: 677222 Available

Dewey: FAges: 7-10   
AR: 3.8 MG RC: 2.8 3-5 Lexile: 510

Genres: Mystery Fiction Adventure Fiction

Subjects: Animals - Fiction Detectives - Fiction Mystery fiction

Summary: In book 3, Gordon is on vacation, and Buffy is the sole detective at the station. It is not easy for a police officer to be alone. Buffy decides to seek Gordon's help. After all, two police are twice as brave!

Charlie & Mouse [Charlie & Mouse Volume: 1]by Snyder, Laurel 

BTSB Prebound(Chronicle Books, 2017)

BTSB #: 832905 Available

Dewey: EAges: 6-8   
AR: 2.1 LG RC: 1.6 K-2 Lexile: 420 F&P: J

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Brothers - Fiction Family life - Fiction

Summary: In their first adventure, Charlie and Mouse, two young brothers, enjoy a day out together, attending an imaginary party and collecting rocks.

Clayton Byrd goes underground by Williams-Garcia, Rita 

BTSB Prebound(HarperCollins/Amistad, 2017)

BTSB #: 952624 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.4 MG RC: 4.4 3-5 Lexile: 710 F&P: V

Genres: Family Life

Subjects: Blues musicians - Fiction Runaway children - Fiction Family problems - Fiction New York (N.Y.) - Fiction

Summary: When his blues musician grandfather dies and his mother forbids him from playing the blues, Clayton runs away to New York City and its subway system to find his late grandfather's blues band. But on his underground journey through New York's subways, Clayton has a few things to learn.

Creepy pair of underwear! by Reynolds, Aaron 

BTSB Prebound(Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 748655 Available

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
AR: 2.8 LG RC: 1.5 K-2 Lexile: 470 AD F&P: L

Genres: Humorous Fiction Animals

Subjects: Rabbits - Fiction Underwear - Fiction Fear - Fiction

Summary: A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear.

22.78 *

Crown : an ode to the fresh cut by Barnes, Derrick D. 

BTSB Prebound(Bolden, 2017)

BTSB #: 091595 Available

Dewey: EAges: 3-8   
AR: 3.8 LG RC: 4.3 3-5

Genres: Multicultural

Subjects: Haircutting - Fiction Barbershops - Fiction Self-confidence - Fiction African Americans - Fiction

Summary: Celebrates the magnificent feeling that comes from walking out of a barber shop with newly-cut hair.

22.76 *

Danza! : Amalia Hernandez and el Ballet Folklorico de Mexico by Tonatiuh, Duncan 

BTSB Prebound(Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 884826 Available

Dewey: 792.8092/BAges: 6-10   
AR: 6 MG RC: 6.3 3-5 Lexile: 980 F&P: S

Subjects: Hernandez, Amalia,|d1917-2000 Ballet Folklorico de Mexico Mexican folk dancing Dancers

Summary: The inspirational story of dancer Amalia Hernandez, founder of Mexico's Folkloric Ballet.

22.76 *

Different pond by Phi, Bao 

BTSB Prebound(Capstone Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 714431 Available

Dewey: EAges: 6-8   
AR: 3.1 LG RC: 3.5 3-5 Lexile: 620

Genres: Multicultural Family Life

Subjects: Vietnamese Americans - Fiction Immigrants - Fiction Father-son relationship - Fiction Fishing - Fiction

Summary: As a young boy, Bao Phi awoke early, hours before his father's long workday began, to fish on the shores of a small pond in Minneapolis. Unlike many other anglers, Bao and his father fished for food, not recreation. Between hope-filled casts, Bao's father told him about a different pond in their homeland of Vietnam.

Dragon with a chocolate heart by Burgis, Stephanie 

BTSB Prebound(Bloomsbury, 2018)

BTSB #: 173451 Available

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 5.8 MG RC: 5.5 3-5 Lexile: 840

Genres: Fantasy Fiction Animals

Subjects: Dragons - Fiction Magic - Fiction Chocolate - Fiction

Summary: After drinking enchanted hot chocolate, a brave young dragon is transformed into a twelve-year-old human girl with a passion for chocolate.

15.39 *

Frida Kahlo and her animalitos by Brown, Monica 

BTSB Prebound(NorthSouth, 2017)

BTSB #: 158090 Available

Dewey: 759/BAges: 6-8   
AR: 4.3 LG RC: 3.7 K-2 Lexile: 780 AD

Subjects: Kahlo, Frida Artists

Summary: A look at the life of one of the world's most influential painters, Frida Kahlo, and the animals that inspired her art and life.

Giant trouble [Hamster princess Volume: 4]by Vernon, Ursula 

BTSB Prebound(Dial Books for Young Readers, 2017)

BTSB #: 908603 In Bindery

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
AR: 4.6 LG RC: 3.8 3-5 Lexile: 660

Genres: Adventure Fiction Humorous Fiction Animals

Summary: When Princess Harriet climbs an enormous beanstalk for her fourth adventure, she finds an even bigger surprise--a giant rabbit is keeping a goose and a girl who is half-harp-half-hamster are prisoner, and it's up to Harriet to save the day.

19.98 *

* Your Discounted Price

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