Why Are Bindings So Bad

  Publisher's Sewn Bindings

  Bound To Industry Standards!

  What Exactly Are Pre-bound Books?

  How to Test and Examine a Binding

  Where are Children's Books Made?

  Warped Book Covers

  The Librarian's Guide to Paper

  How to Examine Bindings

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Spotlight on the MARC record

  Fall 2011 Update on RDA
  by Harry Gaylord

  Cataloging Standards Update Spring 2011
  by Harry Gaylord

  Cataloging Graphic Novels
  by Harry Gaylord

  Local Holdings
  by BTSB Staff

  Series Information in the MARC Record
  by Jan Militello

Finding Money for Your School Library When Times are Tough
by Bob Sibert, assisted by Jane Yarborough

  Growth and Development of Social Media
at Bound to Stay Bound

  Lori Smith

  Beyond MARC: Building the New Bibliographic

  Harry Gaylord

  Turning the Summer Slide into a Helping Hand
  Ellen Myrick

  What's New on the BTSB Bookstore
  Fall 2013

  Customized Classroom Sets
  by Lori Smith

  The Reasons and Ways to Use Audiobooks

  by Ellen Myrick

  The Common Core Workout
  by Ellen Myrick

  How to Recruit, Train, and Use Volunteers

  by Ellen Myrick

  Skype Author Visits:
  Skype-an-Author, virtually as effective!

  by Ellen Myrick

  Great Author Websites:

  by Ellen Myrick

  S.O.S. Library:
  Beginning Your Own Success Story

  by Ellen Myrick

  Accelerated Reader Quiz Changes
  by Lori Smith

  Common Core Standards 101
  by Ellen Myrick

  To Dewey or Not to Dewey
  by Ellen Myrick

  Discover Great Author Websites:
  Picture Book Edition

  by Ellen Myrick

  Customer Service Heroes
  by Ellen Myrick

  Recognizing the power of information:
  The Robert F. Sibert Medal

  by Ellen Myrick

  Preparing, Assessing and Responding to
  Book Challenges

  by Ellen Myrick

  BTSB Collection Analysis
  by Jamie Keehner

  BTSB Bookstore Enhancements
  by Linda Price, Sarah Schmidt, and Katie Walter

  Engaging the Senses with BTSB Audio
  and Video Previews

  by Ellen Myrick

  Eliminating Common Website Frustrations
  by Lori Smith

  Cleaning Your BTSB Books
  by Lori Smith

  Misinformation: Just so you know...
  by Mike Brady

  Making the Most of the Market
  by Ellen Myrick

  Seven Ways to Green Your Library
  by Ellen Myrick

  Library Meetings 101
  by Ellen Myrick

  Marketing Your School Library:
  The Thousand Book Project

  by Ellen Myrick

  Schools and Public Libraries Working Together
  by Ellen Myrick

  Marketing Your School Library
  by Ellen Myrick

  DJs in the Library – Dust Jackets that is
  by Margit Smith

  Children's Literature Blogs
  by Bob Sibert

  Creating the Perfect Team
  by Melissa Johnston

  The Green Choice for Librarians
  by Bob Sibert

  Childrens Book Reviews
  by Bob Sibert

  Childrens Book Awards
  by Bob Sibert

  Author Visits – What You Need to Know
  by Mary Norton

  Encouraging Preservation Awareness in Children
  by Andrea Rolich

  The Library Treasure Hunt
  by BTSB Staff

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